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The Cattle Connection

The cattlemen's connection to timely topics, current research, and profitable management strategies

The Value in Pregnancy Checking

This piece is authored by Dr. Dallas Duncan DVM, Large Animal Veterinarian with Mt. Sterling Vet Clinic. Pregnancy checking of cattle can save producers more money than most other management practices. The single highest costs associated with cattle are feed costs. Meaning, feeding an open cow through winter is a huge drain on a production operation. In my mind, it is essential that...

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Frosted forage at risk for Prussic Acid Poisoning

Cool weather is setting in. Soon the first hard freeze will take place. As this happens, cattlemen need to be aware of prussic acid poisoning. Prussic acid poisoning is caused by hydrocyanic acid. As a cyanide compound the substance can quickly kill animals. Death can occur within minutes of ingestion in some cases. Cyanide interferes with the oxygen-carrying function in the blood resul...

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I love fall grazing

Grazing cattle in the fall of the year is one of my favorite things. Tree leaves changing color, the crisp morning air, and smells of harvest all factor in, but there are other reasons I like grazing in the fall. First, cornstalks become available. What a great way to carry cows cheap. Run a little hotwire and make sure water is available, even if you have to haul it, and you have some...

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Is cowherd expansion the best option for increasing profits?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Economics

One of the hot-button topics this fall has been expanding the cowherd. It seems as though this topic has been discussed in some capacity for the last several years. However, drought and increased feed costs have slowed cow/calf profits and therefore held a cap on cowherd expansion. Some projections look favorable for removal of this cap as moisture is more plentiful in areas and corn prices hav...

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