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Mineral Nutrition: Part 2 of 5

Posted by Travis Meteer - Nutrition

How would you grade your mineral program? Common replies would include: how often the feeder goes empty, or the price per bag. Unfortunately, those things aren't enough insight to know if your mineral program is effective. Mineral nutrition is much more fragile than other nutrition tasks such as meeting protein and energy requirements. Minerals have to be provided to the animal in a bal...

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Mineral Nutrition: Part 1 of 5

Posted by Travis Meteer -

Mineral nutrition isn't a topic that gets much press. It's not glamorous like all-time-high cattle prices, teetering land values, antibiotic policy, feed additive black listing, and so on (that's why I need this sentence to get your attention). Mineral requirements of beef cattle are well established and have been around for years. However, mineral nutrition is being overlooked by many cattleme...

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What is Cold Weather to a Cow?

With winter weather and cold temperatures setting in, it is time to talk about when cows feel cold. The big factors that determine the lower critical temperature for cattle are temperature, wind speed, and heaviness of winter hair coat. Colder temperatures, higher wind speeds, and lighter hair coats will increase maintenance requirements. With a good winter coat, cattle will perform nor...

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