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The Cattle Connection

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Reasons to incorporate Timed A.I. into your herd

There is no question Artificial Insemination (A.I.) has been a game changer into today's industry but timing could be key to your herd success. Natural service still makes up the majority of breeding in the U.S. cattle industry, however rising bull purchase prices may push more producers to use A.I. Traditionally, A.I. has been implemented in herds that synchronize estrus. This scenario...

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Rebreeding is the key to Rebuilding

Cattle markets are setting new records, feed costs are falling, and cattlemen are anxious to stabilize and rebuild numbers. Forecasted profits for the cow/calf producer are the highest they have been in decades. While I would like to end this column right here and tell you all to go buy a new pickup, I am a realist. There is a limiting factor to your success in this forgiving market. Yo...

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Frost Seeding Legumes

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

There is no doubt that the drought of 2012 and the weather extremes of 2013 have stressed pastures. Maintaining a productive stand in your pasture is crucial for animal performance, holding feed costs down, and making the most of the productive soil you have invested in. Frost seeding clover is a good strategy to deploy to fill in wholes and weak stand areas in pastures. Red clover is t...

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