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The Cattle Connection

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Handling Early Spring Challenges with Sacrifice Paddocks

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

A long, harsh winter coupled with a slow start to spring has left many producers frustrated with where to put cows. Calving cows do not do very well in muddy lots that are already piled high with used bedding from the winter. Nor do pastures do very well with lots of foot traffic as they try to re-establish and become productive in the 2014 season. So… the logical thought is turn cows out, but...

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Adding Pounds = Higher Paycheck

Record high calf prices provide incentive for cattle producers to deploy management strategies to increase pounds at weaning. A couple common strategies to add pounds would be implants, creep feeding, early weaning, and backgrounding. Implanting calves is a good option for producers that are selling commodity cattle. Those that are selling calves under "Natural" or "implant free" verifi...

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May 1 2013 turnout

Pastures Need Time before Spring Grazing

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

Winter was one for the record books. Spring has started cool and damp and we have seen little growth of grass so far. For these reasons, it is important that cattlemen let grass get a good start this spring before grazing. Managing pastures early is arguably more important than later in the year. Sure, keeping grass vegetative, managing seed heads, and knowing forage availability are al...

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