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The Cattle Connection

The cattlemen's connection to timely topics, current research, and profitable management strategies

Farming with Synergy: Corn & Cattle

Posted by Travis Meteer -

Many Illinois farmers are taking notice of the advantages in a diversified farming enterprise that includes livestock. These farmers are at the epicenter of synergistic farming. I'm not sure if that is a coined term yet, but now it is on record. Basically, synergy describes two separate systems that when combined, yield more than the sum of the individual systems when they are alone. In my mind...

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creep feeding2

Creep Feeding 101

Increasing profit is the ultimate goal of any business, and the cattle business is no exception. In effort to maximize profit, cattlemen have to be focused on producing the greatest amount of premium product without sacrificing production efficiency. The ability to produce more pounds of a high quality product results in more income for the producer. Realizing the cow can only provide nutrition...

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Deja Vu - 2014 pastures look very similar to 2013

As we have a few weeks under our belt in the 2014 grazing season here at Orr Beef Research Center, it is apparent that the similarities to last year are numerous. The persistence of cold weather has caused a delay in pasture growth Pastures are wet, low in dry matter and very lush Some drought in the fall opened areas for weed penetration into stands...

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Herd Expansion: Is it for you?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Economics

If you haven't heard… cattle prices are pretty good right now. This coupled with the retreat in corn price last fall and lowering feed costs, has cattle producers looking for their long-promised "good times". For nearly three years, the talk of herd expansion has been suggested only to be silenced by drought and high feed costs. So now that favorable weather patterns and lower commodity prices...

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What is Overgrazing?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

Overgrazing is the failure to match animal grazing to forage growth and production. In most cases, cattle or any grazing animal is allowed to continuously harvest a plant without allowing the plant to feed itself. Many times overgrazing causes reduced pasture stands and forces the cattlemen to feed purchased feeds, which are expensive and result in loss of profits. The ability to ide...

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