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The Cattle Connection

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corn silage

Corn Silage Considerations

Posted by Travis Meteer - Nutrition

Corn silage is a popular choice for winter feeding throughout the Midwest. The feed is very palatable, a good source of energy, and is highly digestible. Along with these attributes, its popularity is also based on high yield and tonnage per acre. Harvesting and storing corn silage for feed is dependent on anaerobic fermentation. The fermentation process converts soluble carbohydrat...

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Adding Value to Your Calf Crop- Checklist

Record cattle prices, lowering feed costs, and good pasture conditions all are benefiting cattlemen in 2014. One of the most popular questions I have received lately is "what opportunities should I be taking advantage of to get the most out of this current market?" In short, anything you can do to add a pound for less than that pound is worth is beneficial. Obviously, producers still ne...

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