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The Cattle Connection

The cattlemen's connection to timely topics, current research, and profitable management strategies

Do you have a steak or a stake in the cattle business?

Posted by Travis Meteer -

All cattle producers classify as having a steak in the cattle business. They own, raise, care for, or market live cattle. Cattlemen are passionate about ranch life, their breed of cattle, the shape their cows are in, the health of newly-arrived feeder calves, and they are committed to producing a healthy, high-performing animal that will result in a great steak! But, how many have a...

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What’s in store for cattle markets in 2015?

Posted by Travis Meteer - Marketing

After experiencing the market trend upward seemingly every week of 2014, cattle producers should be prepared for a little more normal market pattern in 2015. With signs of expansion, it is likely the cowherd has stabilized numbers and will make an effort to climb the cow herd inventory. The climb will not be fast. A heifer retained in 2014 will not produce her first calf until the sprin...

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