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Minding your Minerals

Posted by Travis Meteer - Nutrition

Have you ever watched a person walk a tight rope? The balance and precision that it takes to make it from one side to the other is incredible. Focus and attention must be combined with talent and practice. If any small thing goes wrong… balance can be lost and the goal of making it across is gone. Mineral nutrition is a balancing act too. It is very delicate and much more fragile than o...

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Baleage: An option in better haymaking

Posted by Travis Meteer - Hay

In Illinois, spring rains can make putting up dry hay very difficult. Last year, many producers struggled to get hay up without it getting rained on. This brings me to discuss baleage as an option for hay making. It is easy to see the reasons why you should consider baleage. Making hay at higher moisture allows you to bale closer to cutting and shorten the window of dry weather needed to get h...

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