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Bulls need evaluated prior to turnout

All bulls that will be used in a breeding season need to be tested. Without a breeding soundness exam (BSE), producers are taking a huge risk. Breeding Soundness Exams are low-cost and provide a great return on investment. Bulls that are infertile or have poor fertility will fail to settle cows. Evaluating bulls is crucial to making sure that cows get bred. A BSE should be conducted eac...

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Early Spring Grazing Sets the Stage for the Entire Season

Posted by Travis Meteer - Grazing

Winter feed stores are dwindling and the urge to get cows to grass is escalating. Turning cows out on immature forages too early can have consequences. The biggest challenge is to avoid permanent damage by overgrazing. If forages are overgrazed early, permanent damage of the stand is likely. Delaying turn-out until forages have reached eight inches in height is recommended. Even more important...

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