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Breeding Cattle by Appointment

When I was a kid, the barber shop in town was "walk-ins only." Some days you would get lucky and get directly in the chair. Other days were not nearly as fortunate (weekends before holidays were brutal). As the barber got older, he decided to switch to "appointments only." Some customers fought the change, but guess what I never ended up spending the whole afternoon waiting in line anymore. The process of getting a haircut became much more efficient.

So now what does that have to do with AI'ing cows? The two big factors that keep producers from implementing Artificial Insemination (AI) are time and labor. The time commitment has certainly been a kink in the chain. If you're a cattlemen in the Midwest, you are also likely dedicating time to a row-cop operation which only compounds the time issue.

What if I told you that you can breed cows by appointment? Time and labor of heat checking cows is no longer an issue. Synchronization protocols that synch-up the time of ovulation give a producer the option of Timed AI (TAI). TAI is breeding by appointment!

There are several protocols that are listed under "Fixed-Time AI." These protocols, if followed meticulously, will result in similar conception rates to estrus detection based protocols. It is important to follow the protocol exactly and use only approved protocols found on the heifer and cow protocol sheets. Heifer and cow protocols are, in most cases, not the same.

Along with sky high prices for commercial bulls this year, the opportunity to front-end load your calf crop, decrease your calving season, and improve your genetics are just a few reason's AI can pay.

Check out "Fixed-Time AI" protocols on the Cow and Heifer Synchronization Protocol sheets -

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