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I did learn something in D.C.

Posted by Travis Meteer -

As I write this blog, the United States Senate is debating and voting on amendments to the senate version of a 2013 Farm Bill that will then be sent to the House of Representatives. I had the privilege to be in Washington, D.C. with the Young Cattlemen's Conference and was fortunate enough to meet with congressmen and senators from Illinois.

As I set foot in D. C., I feared that we as cattlemen had no voice and we are just subjected to party politics and gridlock that ruined the passing of a farm bill in 2012. Once I departed on my visits with the legislators from Illinois, I quickly began to realize that the farm bill was a forefront topic and those that I talked to realize the importance of a farm bill to cattle producers. Although I still hold many reservations about the ability of our elected officials to set aside party biases, I left encouraged that a farm bill was a priority of those on the hill.

The biggest thing that I learned from the trip to D.C. didn't have anything to do with politics. In fact, I don't much care for the "politics" part of things. I found it extremely evident that if you want to be successful and have an impact you have to be able to develop relationships. Relationships will give you the chance to engage in the issues, to discuss challenges, and solve problems.

Many issues we as cattlemen will face in the future will be due to a lack of connection and lack of relationships. Farmers have an innate independent nature. We enjoy the peace and privacy of the country life. However, if we want to ensure the life style we live, we must continue to build relationships outside of our agriculture community. I truly believe that to be successful in the cattle business and life in general, you must build productive relationships within and outside the beef industry. I encourage you to build those relationships and let them be the foundation to your success in the cattle business.

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