University of Illinois Extension
August 1, 2013

Richard Hentschel, host of Green Side Up, interviews Russ Higgins from the Northern Illinois Agriculture Research Center about insects and diseases for the farmer. Insects and diseases impact the farmer and the homeowner alike. Western Corn Rootworm for example can damage both the roots and then the silks on the ear. Once the corn is done silking the bug moves into home gardeners and loves to eat the cucurbits. One invasive species is the soybean aphids which so far is not very predictable as to when it will show up. The aphid has a favorite predator, the multi colored Asian Lady Beetle. Another troublesome insect is the Potato leafhopper in alfalfa. This lowers the quality of the crop at harvest.

Russ quickly noted Fungicides have been applied this season to corn and other crops to prevent diseases that can lessen the yield.

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