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November 21, 2013

Host Richard Hentschel talks with Dru Banks, Nutrition and Wellness Educator about new changes in USDA recommendations that we no longer wash our meat, fish, and poultry as we prepare a home meal.

These foods have already been washed before they were packaged and really do not need to be rinsed again. Dru noted that when we do rinse, we likely splash water, which could cross contaminate other surfaces or food. Dru suggests that we use different cutting boards for each of these products and again avoid any cross contamination possibilities.

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November 14, 2013

Richard Hentschel and Dru Banks continue the discussion of GMO foods. 70-80 percent our processed foods are likely to contain some ingredient that came from a genetically engineered (GE) plant. There is a lot of proposed legislation out there now, at the state and federal level with differing wording regarding when a GMO would need to be declared on the label or thresholds that would trigger that requirement. There are already countries around the world that do not allow GE foods to enter their country and that clearly affects any country that exports agricultural goods.

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November 7, 2013

Host Richard Hentschel has a discussion with Dru Banks, Nutrition and Wellness Educator about GMO foods and possible food labeling changes that would provide the consumer with label information if the product contains ingredients that came from GMO food crops. This is a very emotional issue for some and logical for others. Dru talks about the pros and cons if GMO labeling is realized.

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