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March 27, 2014

Richard Hentschel discusses how early farmers and gardeners are going to get to plant corn, beans and our vegetables with Russ Higgins, Ag Educator from the Northern Illinois Research Farm. Typically planting is the mid to the third week of April. Richard reminded listeners that those seed packets give us all the information needed to get our plants and seed in the ground, how deep and how far apart for example. Russ reminded us about being patient and making sure plants get off to a good start.

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March 20, 2014

Richard Hentschel, host of Green Side Up, talks with Russ Higgins, Agriculture Educator, about what insects are up to this time of year out there in the Farms of Northern Illinois. Russ discussed how deep the frost was and did it impact overwintering insects. In corn the concern will be the western corn rootworm beetle that overwinters as an egg and will survive quite well. Others will show up with winds during storms. Richard mentioned Japanese larvae that overwinter about 12 inches or so in the soil profile could be impacted by the cold soils and the Japanese Beetle larvae overwintering under the bark will not be impacted much at all.

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March 13, 2014

Extension Educator and Host of Green Side Up talks about differences in cold hardiness between foliage and flower buds on our ornamentals and fruit trees. Peach flower buds are impacted as soon as the temperatures fall below -10 degrees and for every degree below that, we lose another 10% of flower buds. The other area of possible concern this winter is with the many inches of snow on the ground, what kind of rabbit damage we can expect.

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March 6, 2014

Richard Hentschel discusses what is going on with our plants this winter. Winter weather above the snow is quite different from soil below the snow. Plants under the snow are in very good shape. We should let our snow covered evergreens be; let the snow melt this spring normally, and do not try to remove the snow. We can expect some plants to not bloom well on branches above the snow line because of the extreme cold tempertures over many days.

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