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July 30, 2015

Richard Hentschel discusses the vegetable garden out in the yard. To be sure the garden continues to produce by harvesting regularly to encourage more flowers and fruit production. Even if a fruit is unusable, remove and compost so the vegetable plant knows to continue production. Once fruit set has happened, consider side dresseing or using a compost to give the plants a bit of a boost. Lots of vegetables will produce well into the fall, long after school starts, the time homeowners think the gardening season is done.

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July 23, 2015

Host Richard Hentschel discusses composting in 2015 with all the weather and what is available in the yard to compost. Lawn grass clippings are good source of nitrogen for the composting operation. Weed plants are also good without seed heads. If you pull those weeds, leave the dirt on the roots as a source of microflora that will help decay the compost material. Remember to turn the pile or move the material from one bin to another. Be sure to use that compost once it is ready in the landscape and garden beds. Applying compost as a topdress for the lawn which feeds the soil which will feed the lawn.

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July 16, 2015

Richard Hentschel discusses growing degree days when in comes to growing vegetables and insect development. Plant development is slower than normal without the warmer, sunny days. The recent wet soils can cause disease problems. Tomato foliage diseases are running high right now. Air circulation, sunlight into the plants helps and grow disease resistant hybrids really helps.

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July 9, 2015

Richard Hentschel continues to discuss how the weather has been impacting our lawn care. Mowing has been a real challenge. Taller grass means a wetter lawn that can easily clump up leaving the lawn covered to mold below. Try raising the mower deck to accommodate the taller, wetter grass. Clippings will need to be removed when too wet and laying on the cut surface. Composting is a good way to recycle the nutrition. Thinning and yellowing is also common right now.

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July 2, 2015

Host Richard Hentschel talks about how to deal with all the yard work with all the rain we have been having. Keep the weeds in the garden and landacape beds from going to seed. Do not compost those weed seed heads removed. Mushrooms have shown up in many lawns, landscape beds The water has allowed decay organisms to quickly grow and develop

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