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July 28, 2016

Host Richard Hentschel discuses recent events related to recent rains. Damage to tree canopies and broken branches in shrubs. Proper pruning of those damaged branches will aid in proper recovery. Making proper cuts to minimize the open cut area. Removing the broken branches on smaller ornamental trees should be done now and making additional cuts at a later time or early next spring. With the recent rains, comes weed seed germination in our landscape beds.

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July 21, 2016

Host Richard Hentschel discusses Japanese beetles this season and potential grub control. Mushroom in the lawn can be from decaying ash tree roots after EAB has killed the tree and has been removed. Mushrooms are also being found in landscaped mulched beds. Slime molds are also around. Austrian pines are in severe decline this year as a result of damage from the drought of 2012

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July 14, 2016

Host Richard Hentschel dissuses the potential need for grub control in home lawns this year. We have had adequate soil moisture and green lawns, yet popultions of the adult beetles have been down since the drought of 2012. Fewer grubs will mean no management practices will will be needed. Treatments may be warranted if there are more than 1-12 grubs per square foot in the lawn.

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July 7, 2016

Richard Hentschel talks about recent rains. Rains or watering is needed at critical times in the vegetable garden. Good moisture is needed for pod fill, fruit development and corn silking and tasseling.

Suckers and water spouts are also showing up in the home landscape, especially on ornamental flowering crabapples. Pruning back certain perennial flowers and veggies should be avoided until foliage dies down naturally.

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