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Remember Pesticides When Preparing for Storms and Flooding

Farmers, businesses and homeowners need to consider any pesticides they have stored when they prepare for anticipated flooding. In the rush to prepare for the imminent arrival of a storm, many people overlook the potential complications that can arise if toxic materials fall victim to high winds and flood waters. Cardboard or paper containers may become soggy and may be punctured, and partially empty drums or jugs may be swept away with a flood. As a result, water supplies may become polluted and pesticide containers may present a hazard to people who find them.

Preparing for an imminent storm

Some actions to take after the storm

Source: Bruce Paulsrud and Philip Nixon, University of Illinois Extension Pesticide Applicator Training Program, 4/01. Adapted from Mike Weaver and Stewart MacInnis, Virginia Cooperative Extension news release, 8/25/98.