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What type of License do I need?

Private Applicators License

You need a PRIVATE APPLICATORS license if you spray restricted-use pesticides on lands you own or control in the production of an agricultural commodity, such as:


Commercial Applicators License

You need COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS license if you apply any pesticide (General Use and/or Restricted Use) and:

a. You are an employee of a governmental agency or unit who applies any pesticides in the normal course of your duties, such as park districts, highway departments, nature preserves, school districts, and municipal/village/township/county employees.


b. You apply any pesticides (General Use and/or Restricted Use) to property of your employer only (e.g., utilities, railroads, groundskeepers, golf courses, greenhouse worker, etc.)


c. You apply any pesticides (General Use and/or Restricted Use) for hire. (Lawn Care companies, agronomic custom spray operators, tree care industry)