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Pesticide Safety Education Program

Study Materials Order Form

Study materials will also be available at all clinics. If you wish to order study materials prior to a particular training clinic, please print and complete this form and either phone or mail your order as instructed on the "How to Preregister and Order Study Materials" page. Your order will be mailed the next working day after payment is received. All prices are subject to change without notice. Click here for a description and publication date of our current material.

Quantity Materials description Price
  General Standards Manual $10.00
  General Standards Workbook $2.00
  General Pesticide Safety Manual (Spanish; All tests are only available in English) $10.00
  Bilingual General Standards Workbook (Spanish; All tests are only available in English) $2.00
  Aerial General Standards Manual $15.00
  Aquatics Manual $15.00
  Aquatics Workbook $2.00
  Pesticide Dealer Manual $15.00
  Demonstration and Research Manual $15.00
  Field Crops Manual $15.00
  Field Crops Workbook $2.00
  Forest Manual $15.00
  Fruit & Vegetable Crops Pest Control Manual $15.00
  Grain Facility Pest Control Manual $15.00
  Grain Facility and Seed Treatment Workbook $2.00
  Livestock Pest Management Manual $15.00
  Mosquito Manual $15.00
  Mosquito Workbook $2.00
  Ornamentals Manual $15.00
  Plant Management Manual $15.00
  Plant Management Workbook $2.00
  Private Applicator Manual $10.00
  Private Applicator Workbook $2.00
  Rights-of-Way Manual $15.00
  Rights-of-Way Workbook $2.00
  Seed Treatment Manual $15.00
  Sewer Line Root Control Manual $15.00
  Soil Fumigation Manual $15.00
  Turfgrass Manual $15.00
  Turf & Ornamental Workbook $2.00
  Preregistration total:
  Study Material sub-total:
  Shipping Charge ($1.50 per item): $1.50 x ___ items =