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Pumpkin F1 Hybrid 'Autumn Gold'

Early to color, early to harvest, best describes the Vegetable Winner Pumpkin Autumn Gold. Gardeners need not wade through the pumpkin patch, possibly injuring vines or leaves while searching for the immature pumpkins. The bright yellow immature pumpkins "stand out" amidst the green foliage. This early color allows an early harvest and a more flexible harvest time. For Northern gardeners with early frosts that might destroy a pumpkin patch, Autumn Gold is a reliable choice. Since Autumn Gold was trialed at 27 locations across North America, its appeal is not limited to only northern locations. Autumn Gold has demonstrated its improved value to AAS judges from Canada to Texas.

Autumn Gold is easy to grow from seed. The plant requires supplemental watering under dry conditions and monthly nutritional side dressing if not grown in a rich fertile soil. All pumpkins are an excellent source of vitamin A; one pound raw pumpkin contains 5,080 I.U. Also Autumn Gold seeds can be roasted for a crunchy, nutritious snack. The hulls are a great source of fiber with the seeds containing a high amount of phosphorus.

Autumn Gold has been "judged the best" by horticultural experts across North America.

Genus Species: Cucurbita pepo
Common Name: Pumpkin
Plant Height: 2-3 feet
Plant Width: 12 to 20 feet
Garden Spacing: 3 feet in row, 6 to 8 feet between rows
Closest Comparison on Market: Spookie, Spirit
Most Unique Qualities: Early-Immature yellow color of pumpkins
Number of Days to Harvest: 90
Pumpkin Data: 7 to 10 lbs. each, 3 to 5 pumpkins per vine

Other Pumpkin Varieties

Standard Orange (Small)
All 2 to 5 pounds, 100 to 110 days to harvest

Baby Bear (small, flattened shape; fine stem)
Baby Pam; Oz (hybrid, semi-bush; very smooth skin, heavy stem, immature yellow color)
Small Sugar or New England Pie (the standard pie type)
Spooktacular (hybrid; bright orange; ribbed; strong stem)
Sugar Treat (hybrid; semi- bush; bright color)
Winter Luxury (old variety, good for cooking; unique netted skin)

Standard Orange (Intermediate)
All 8 to 15 pounds, 100 to 110 days to harvest

Autumn Gold (hybrid, yellow when immature)
Bushkin (hybrid, bush type)
Frosty (hybrid; smooth-textured skin)
Funny Face (hybrid)
Harvest Moon (hybrid)
Spirit (hybrid, semi-bush)
Young's Beauty

Standard Orange (Large)
All 15 to 25 pounds, 100 to 110 days to harvest

Aspen (hybrid, deep orange, uniformly large)
Big Autumn (hybrid, yellow when mature)
Big Tom (selection of Connecticut Field)
Connecticut Field (the old standard, continually reselected)
Ghost Rider (dark orange; very dark green handle)
Happy Jack (uniform, dark orange; good handle)
Howden Field (the industry standard for the last 20 years)
Jackpot (hybrid; round; compact vine habit)
Jumpin' Jack (large, dark orange, heavy, tall fruit)
Pankow's Field (large, variable pumpkins with exceptionally large, long handles).

Rouge Vif d'Estampes is a C. maxima type that is deep red-orange, flattened, heavily sutured. It was the prototype for Cinderella's carriage pumpkin and is sometimes sold as "Cinderella" pumpkin.

All C. moschata, tan skin color, widely used for commercially canned pumpkin

Buckskin (hybrid)
Dickinson Field
Kentucky Field

All C. maxima, 50 to 100 pounds, or much more; 120 days to harvest

Atlantic Giant (most true giants come from selections of this variety)
Big Max
Big Moon
Mammoth Gold
Prizewinner (hybrid; most uniform size, shape, orange color; not the largest, but the most dependable)

White Painting

Casper, Lumina and Snowball (all C. maxima)
Little Boo (C. Pepo)

Cushaw group

Green-Striped Cushaw, Sweet Potato, Tennessee, and White Cushaw (all C. mixta)
Golden Cushaw (C. moschata)

All C. pepo

Trick or Treat (hybrid, semi-bush, 10 to 12 pounds, good for carving)
Tricky Jack (hybrid; small; bush type)
Triple Treat (thick flesh; 6 to 8 pounds; cooks, carves well)

All C. pepo

Baby Boo (white)
Jack-Be-Little (standard orange miniature)
Jack-Be-Quick (taller, darker orange)
Munchkin (uniform, attractive orange fruit)
Sweetie Pie (small, scalloped, medium orange fruit)

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