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Mail Order Sources

Mail Order Sources for Roses

Mail order is often the only way to get some of the hard to find roses and a lot of the old, heritage types. Local nurseries and garden centers are starting to handle a wider variety of roses as the public becomes more interested in old garden roses and shrub roses. Listed here are several mail order sources that offer a wide variety of specialty roses. They are a valuable resource not only for the plants they have to offer, but also for the information that can be found in their catalogs. This list does not recommend one nursery over another and can only be considered a partial listing of the many that are offering roses through mail order.

Antique Rose Emporium
9300 Lueckemeyer Rd.
Brenham, Texas 77833
United States

Heirloom Old Garden Roses
24062 N. E. Riverside Dr.
St. Paul, Oregon 97137
United States

High Country Roses
P.O. Box 148
Jensen, Utah 84035
United States

723 Robson Road, R.R. 1
Waterdown, Ontario LOR 2H1

Jackson & Perkins
2 Floral Ave
Hoges, South Carolina 29653
United States

Northland Rosarium
9405 S. Williams Ln.
Spokane, Washington 99224
United States

Pickering Nurseries
670 Kingston Rd.
Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A6

Roses Unlimited
363 N. Deerwood Dr.
Laurens, South Carolina 29360
United States

Vintage Gardens
4130 Gravenstein Hwy North
Sebastopol, California 95472
United States

Wayside Gardens
1 Garden Lane
Hodges, South Carolina 29695
United States

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