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Welcome to Responsible Pest Management for Retailers

Welcome to Responsible Pest Management for Retailers

Most successful plant care programs use a combination of practices for dealing with pest problems. Pesticides are only one approach for pest control, and if pesticides are used, they must be applied correctly and safely.

Not all pesticides work the same – some weed killers will kill everything while others target specific plants. As a retailer, working with the public and with pesticides, it is important that you understand the products and what they can and can’t do.

This training will take you through the various aspects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and pesticides. You’ll learn how to better understand the label, make sure the display area is safe, and help your customers choose the most effective pest management controls.

You’ll need to register to begin this course. After successfully finishing all of the training components, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a practical and environmentally sound approach for controlling pests in the home, yard and garden. Customers ask for control recommendations. To offer responsible pest management options you need to understand the type of pest and control options.
What is a pesticide? Do you know the different types of pesticides available? This section will help you select the correct pesticide for the pest needing control. It will also discuss application guidelines, Days to Harvest timing and how to avoid pesticide resistance. All important items to help you better serve your customers.
The pesticide label is a legal document. You can only recommend what is on the label. Not only will you find directions for use but also what potential hazards can occur if used incorrectly, what actions need to be followed if accidentally poisoned and more. Working with customers to also understand the label is being environmentally responsible.
The products you sell are designed to control or kill a pest. Pesticides are poisons. Educating yourself and your customers about pesticide safety is important. Learn how pesticides affect humans and what to do if you suspect poisoning.
Pesticides are coming in and out of your store all year. Protecting employees, customers and your store’s reputation are important. Be pro-active by following in-store pesticide safety procedures.