Our Work on Social and Emotional Learning

A statewide, interdisciplinary, University of Illinois Extension committee is working with CASEL and others to bring the latest social and emotional learning (SEL) research to schools and community youth organizations through informational presentations, research briefs, trainings, and technical assistance.

Research Brief for Schools Series: A series of informational briefs that address topics related to SEL will be co-authored by University of Illinois Extension and CASEL. The first in the series has been developed and provides an overview of SEL. The brief is entitled: Social and Emotional Learning: The Foundation to Students’ Success in School, Work, and Life.

SEL Awareness Presentations: Presentations are available for school personnel, families, and community partners that define SEL, reveal its importance, and help schools think about their next steps to realizing the benefits of integrating SEL into their school’s mission and practice.

The 6 Keys to Integrating SEL into the Classroom Training: This 6 hour training is designed to help school personnel understand SEL by experiencing and learning about six fundamental aspects, or keys, of SEL. The six keys include: the core SEL competences/Illinois learning standards, the learning environment, instructional design, teacher-student relationships, the teaching presence (modeling and teacher’s SEL development), and schoolwide implementation. This training enhances understanding and provides practical next steps for teachers and administrators.

Technical Assistance for SEL Schoolwide Implementation: Supports are available to help schools utilize CASEL’s Schoolwide Implementation Model.

Character Education, Bullying, and Social and Emotional Learning: Still in the early stages of development, this initiative will focus on helping schools understand how their efforts in one or more of these areas can move beyond a fragmented approach to a more coordinated effort that can result in greater outcomes and efficiencies.

SEL Website: A website is in development that will provide additional information and resources about SEL and the many ways that Extension is available to support schools and youth organizations in integrating SEL into their work with children and adolescents.