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Welcome to Selecting Shrubs for Your Home

This site will help you make knowledgeable decisions when selecting a shrub for your landscape. If you already know the name of a shrub you are considering and need more information, type the name in on the “Search Shrubs” page and additional information, and a photo will appear.

If you don’t know any shrub names, the “Search Shrubs” page allows you to specify items such as size and special needs (i.e. a shrub that tolerates a dry site or one that will grow in alkaline soil). After you have chosen all the criteria that you want your shrub to meet, click on the submit button and a list of shrubs meeting those criteria will be displayed.

You can also search by size, light exposure, use, and tolerance of various conditions. For instance if you know you need a small shrub because you have limited space, click on the tab for “Shrubs by Size” then click on “Small Shrubs.” This will provide a list of smaller shrubs. Then click on the name of a particular shrub and learn more about it.

This website was developed to give consumers facts about each plant in an effort to help the consumer make a decision about which plant is appropriate for his or her landscape. The inclusion of a plant on this site is in no way an endorsement of that plant by the University of Illinois. Some of the plants included here may become invasive in certain areas or under certain conditions, and may be useful, non-intrusive landscape plants in other areas or under other conditions.

Use this site to help with selection of landscape plants, but also check with local organizations to see if any of the plants you chose are a problem in your area.

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