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  • Corn
  • Crucifers
  • Cucurbits
    Squash, melons, gourds, cucumbers, pumpkins, watermelons, and luffas.
  • General
    This is where lots of great vegetable production information is that didn't fit anywhere else.
  • Grafting
  • Leafy Greens
    This is the place for quality information on the production and management of lettuce, spinach, and other leafy green crops.
  • Onions and Garlic
  • Organic Vegetable Production
    Information for producers interested in following USDA Organic standards, whether certified or not.
  • Pest Management
    Information on control of insects, weeds, and disease in vegetables.
  • Potatoes
  • Spray Guides and Handbooks
  • Technical Bulletins
    A series of one-page fact sheets dealing with topics of interest associated with production of fruits, vegetables and livestock on Illinois Small Farms.
  • Tomatoes
    Find production information on one of Illinois' most profitable and delicious crops.

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Vegetable Production

Vegetable Production

Post-Harvest Handling and Storage

Relevant information from harvest and washing to packing, storage, and distribution of crops.

  • Crop Storage Guide PDF
    This is a collaborative effort that provides lots of information on proper storage conditions for stored produce.

  • Harvests and Handling PDF
    A pdf of a talk delivered at the 2013 Illinois Specialty Crops, Agritourism, and Organic Conference on harvesting and post-harvest handling of vegetables.

  • Planning and Packing for CSAs PDF
    These are the slides from a talk presented by Chris Konieczka at the 2013 Illinois Specialty Crop Growers Conference.

  • Post-Harvest Sanitation and Safety Standards PDF
    Slides from a presentation by Chris Konieczka at the 2013 Illinois Specialty Crop Growers Conference.