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High Tunnels

High Tunnels


Lots of great information here!

  • Driftwatch - National Speciality Crop Site Registry
    DriftWatch™ is a tool for identifying specialty crop sites and to further enhance communications between producers of specialty crops and pesticide applicators that promote awareness and stewardship activities to help prevent and manage drift effects that sometimes occur from spray operations.

  • Greens for all Seasons PDF
    Find out how to grow greens year round using high tunnels with Kyle Cecil and Chris Konieczka

  • Growing Successful Transplants PDF
    Chris Konieczka and Jeff Kindhart created this presentation to help growers understand the factors involved in producing quality transplants.

  • High Tunnel Maintenance

  • Hoop Houses for Extending Your Growing Season
    ATTRA Webinar. A hoophouse webinar presented by NCAT specialists Tammy Hinman and Andy Pressman. Topics include the uses and benefits of hoop houses, including increases in crop quality and yields; different types of hoop houses; construction, materials and cost estimates; management of crops, soil fertility, pests and weeds; and the economics and marketing of crops.

  • Siting High Tunnels
    A high tunnel is not, by definition, a permanent structure. Nonetheless, site selection will play an important role in its performance. Considerations in siting a high tunnel include orientation, airflow, shading, windbreaks, drainage, soil quality, weeds and other pests, and purpose.

  • Soil Testing Labs
    This list is provided for your reference. Call for current fees and services.

  • Why extend the season with high tunnels?

  • Year-Round Planting Calendar
    Planting guide for year-round field and hoop house production - from vegetables to fruits. It also presents facts and figures about nutrition loss over time, where your food dollar goes, and how our communities would benefit if only 15% of consumer food purchases went to local farmer Published by The Land Connection.