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Paint (oil based)

Paint (oil based)

Treat stains as soon as possible after staining. The older the stain, the more difficult it will be to remove.

All stain removal methods should be applied prior to laundering washable garments. Stains that have been laundered and dried are almost impossible to remove.


What you will need

  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Detergent
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Steps to Clean

  1. Vacuum using crevice tool of vacuum cleaner to remove the soot. If all, or most, of the soot has not been removed, call a professional cleaner. If vacuuming has removed all particles go to the next step to remove any traces.
  2. Remove as much of the foreign material as possible by blotting with a white paper towel or scraping with a dull knife.
  3. Apply rubbing alcohol to a clean white cloth, white paper towel or cotton ball. If the spot extends deep into the pile use a blotting motion until the spot is removed or no color is transferred to the cloth. Do not allow the alcohol to penetrate into the backing as this will destroy the latex bond. If the spot is on the surface only, rub in one direction at a time. Never use a circular motion to remove the spot as this may destroy the texture. Stop if spot is removed. If not, continue with the next step.
  4. Apply a small quantity of detergent solution to the spot. (To make the detergent solution mix 1/4 teaspoon of a hand dishwashing detergent which does not contain lanolin or bleach with 1 quart of water) Use a blotting motion to work the detergent into the affected area. If spot is being removed continue applying detergent solution and blotting with a white paper towel until spot is removed.
  5. Rinse with tap water using a spray bottle, blot to remove excess moisture.
  6. Spray lightly with water, do not blot this time; apply pad of paper towels and brick and allow to dry.
  7. If there is still some stain on the carpet and blotting is not removing it, then moisten the tufts in the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for on (1) hour. Blot and repeat until carpet is stain free. Light will cause peroxide to change back to water so no rinsing is necessary.
  8. Apply pad of paper towels and weight down with brick.


Chemical solvents and supplies

  • Carpet shampoo
  • Turpentine or paint Thinner
  • Vacuum
  1. After removing excess paint, carefully apply turpentine or paint thinner.
  2. Blot repeatedly.
  3. Shampoo, let dry, and vacuum.

Steps to Clean


What you will need

  • Turpentine
  • Detergent

Steps to Clean

  1. Scrape up excess paint.
  2. Using a clean white cloth, blot up as much paint as possible.
  3. Using a clean white cloth, blot the stain with turpentine.  Tamp the stain to help break up the paint.
  4. Keep applying turpentine to the stain, tamping and blotting until the paint is removed.
  5. Sponge the stain with waterless hand cleaner.
  6. Mix one (1) tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with two (2) cups of cool water.
  7. Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the detergent solution.
  8. Blot until the liquid is absorbed.
  9. Repeat Steps 7 and 8 until the stain disappears.
  10. Sponge with cold water and blot dry to remove the detergent solution.