On-Farm Composting Workshop - U of I Extension

On-Farm Composting Workshop


Livestock producers looking for alternative manure management ideas, horse stable operators, organic and local food growers, municipality administrators, press

Composting provides many benefits, including:

-lessening the potential for groundwater and surface water contamination.

-improving soil quality

-an alternative to inorganic fertilizer.

-decreased manure odor.

-alternative income through sale of compost and tipping fees.

At the workshop, you will learn:

-the benefits of composting.

-Illinois IEPA regulations related to composting.

-permitting and local siting requirements.

-composting basics.

-uses for compost.

Participants will tour an actual composting operation and hear practical information from experienced composters.

Participants will receive information on composting techniques.


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Date and Time

May 28, 2013
8:30 AM - 2:30 PM


Tempel Organic Farm
17970 Millburn Rd.
Old Mill Creek, IL 60072

This event is located in Lake County.