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Emerald ash borer website

This article was originally published on March 18, 2015 and expired on June 1, 2015. It is provided here for archival purposes and may contain dated information.

If you have an ash tree and want to keep it, visit the new “Emerald Ash Borer” website created by University of Illinois Extension.  Information and photos on the site will help to confirm that the tree is indeed an ash tree, identify whether or not the tree is infested, and suggest appropriate treatment options for homeowners.

“The small, bright metallic green emerald ash borer beetle came to the United States from Asia in 2002 and was first seen in Illinois in Kane County in June 2006,” said U of I Extension Educator and site creator Martha A. Smith.  “The insect is highly destructive to ash trees and is being found in more Illinois counties each year. We created this website to help people identify it and to offer some control options.”

There are numerous websites about the emerald ash borer.  According to Smith, this site breaks the information down to just what’s needed for a homeowner to identify the tree and the pest and to take action.

“The emerald ash borer attacks true ash trees, or members of the Fraxinus genus, a very popular residential and street tree,” Smith said. “The site has photos of the leaves, buds, and branches to help identify an ash tree,  and even trees that look a lot like an ash tree but aren’t.”  

Smith said that the site also helps tree owners to identify the borer. “There are many other green bugs out there so correctly identifying the pest is important. Not all green bugs are pests. After you know you have a true ash tree and the pest you have is an emerald ash borer, you can decide whether to remove the tree or treat it. Each tree should be evaluated to determine the best control strategy,” she said.

Pull date: June 1, 2015