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Celebration at the Crossroads with IAHCE

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Celebration at the Crossroads with IAHCE


Bureau County Home and Community Education members Pat Law, Marilyn Burkman, Marlene Klingenberg, and Mary Ann Johnson will attend the 94th Annual Illinois Association of Home and Community Education Conference being held at the Thelma Keller Convention Center, Effingham, Illinois, March 13 – 15, 2018.

Through the years, we have changed the current times, trends, or needs. It was first known as Home Bureau Federation, then Homemakers Extension Association, and today, we are Home and Community Education. Our goal is to educate members of our homes and community. We promote social and economic well-being in our homes and neighborhoods. We are not our Mother’s Home Bureau anymore.

IAHCE continues to cross the boundaries when providing unique and inventive ideas for our lessons providing members opportunity to learn current and relevant information. We strive to provide our state and county officers important information that allows them to work, support and promote the community in which they serve.

Our members attending this year’s conference will be able to choose from twenty-five different lessons. Members will be taking all this information back to their own counties to share with members who could not attend the conference.

For more information on Bureau County Home and Community Education, call the University of Illinois Extension, 815-875-2878 or Bureau County HCE President Mary Ann Johnson, 815-875-3108.




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