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Soil Fertility Webinar to be held

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Commercial Agriculture Educators Jesse Soule, Phillip Alberti, and Talon Becker will be hosting the annual Soil Fertility Webinar sponsored by University of Illinois Extension on February 28, 2019.


This webinar will be hosted in the U of I Extension Offices in Knox and McDonough Counties.  Presentations will be delivered via PowerPoint and web conferencing from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and lunch will be provided.


"Those in attendance will hear about the latest University of Illinois research on the long-term effects of crop rotation and tillage, as well as the relationship between cover crops and soil nitrogen availability. Other presenters from the University of Wisconsin, Western Illinois University, and the Illinois SWCD will discuss nutrient loss on tile-drained land, nutrient management in organic systems, and a farmer-led program to improve soil health," says Jesse Soule, U of I Extension educator.


Presentations include:

· Managing Phosphorus Loss in Tile Systems, Aaron Pape, University of Wisconsin Discovery Farms, Tile Drainage Education Coordinator


· Cover Crops and Soil N Availability in Corn & Soybean Systems, Lowell Gentry, University of Illinois, Principal Research Specialist in Agriculture


· Long-term Crop Rotation and Tillage Effects on Soil GHG Emissions and Crop Production in Illinois, Gevan Behnke, University of Illinois, Senior Research Specialist


· S.T.A.R. A Farmer-Led Program to Reduce Nutrient and Soil Losses and Improve Soil Health, Bruce Henrikson, Champaign SWCD, Special Projects Coordinator


· Understanding and Extending Organic Nutrient Management Concepts, Joel Gruver, Western Illinois University, Associate Professor of Soil Science & Sustainable Agriculture


Certified Crop Advisors looking to earn continuing education units may register at .

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