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IL Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Podcast on Pests & Pathogens


April 30, 2019

University of Illinois Extension has a variety of educational resources and podcasts to help Illinois farmers, landowners and farm operators implement best management practices to reduce agricultural nutrient losses into watersheds. Many of these processes and solutions are explained in a series of podcasts organized by Illinois Extension Watershed Outreach Associatess, Haley Haverback and Jennifer Woodyard and produced by Todd Gleason  The podcasts feature interviews with agriculture and water quality educators from University of Illinois, Extension, soil and water and other agencies as well as farmers who give tips, explain processes and tell first-hand stories about real-life applications of strategies. In the latest episode, Field Crop Entomologist Nick Seiter and Field Crop Pathologist Nathan Kleczewski discuss pests and pathogens that producers should pay attention in conservation systems and best management practices to try.  Other podcast topics include: Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy Overview; Cover Crops; Bioreactors - How to and a Farmer's Perspective; Fall Tillage and Fertilizer Dos and Don'ts; Conservation Tillage, Cover Crops and Side Dressing Nitrogen; and Handling Livestock Waste through Confinement, Pastures and Lots, Best Management Practices, Certified Livestock Manager Training, and the Economics of Conservation.

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No one practice will be suitable on every acre, but every acre needs at least one practice. By doing their part in reducing nitrogen and phosphorus runoff, such as by adding cover crops, reducing tillage, or installing a bioreactor, landowners and farmers can help to improve our nation’s water quality.

For more information, contact these University of Illinois Extension Watershed Outreach Associates: Haley Haverback, Illinois Extension, 358 Front St., Galva, IL 61434 / 309-337-5816 and Jennifer Woodyard, Illinois Extension, 1209 Wenthe Dr., Effingham, IL 62401 / 217-347-7773



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