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Amanda Fox-Clark
Program Coordinator, 4-H and Youth Development

Amanda Fox-Clark

Bond/Clinton/Jefferson/Marion/Washington Unit
9623 Wall Street
Nashville, IL 62263
Phone: 618-327-8881
FAX: 618-327-8882

Amanda Fox Clark is the 4-H Program Coordinator for the University of Illinois Extension in Washington County. As the Program Coordinator, Amanda's primary responsibility is to coordinate volunteer-recruitment and management activities to support 4-H groups, programs, and events. This involves seeking assistance from community members who may have special skills or interests; and fostering relationships with local parents, youth and prospective 4-H leaders in addition to other local youth-serving groups and organizations that may be interested in using Extension programs and resources with their clientele, including schools, park districts, family and youth-serving agencies, libraries, after-school programs, etc. Mrs. Clark works to increase youth enrollment and involvement in community clubs, SPIN (special interest) clubs, teen leadership groups, community service projects, and related groups and activities, with particular emphasis on reaching new and underserved youth audiences. The 4-H Program Coordinator is also responsible for working with volunteer committees responsible for conducting Extension county- or unit-level activities such as fairs and 4-H shows, fundraisers, membership rallies, workshop days, recognition events and other programs.

Amanda's college education includes 4 years at McKendree University in Lebanon, IL. She was born and raised in Washington County in the small village of Oakdale. With the exception of her college years, she has lived here all of her life. She comes from a 4-H family including both a father and a grandfather who were 4-H leaders. She's known the organization her whole life and sees the value in continuing the program that has such a strong history of tradition and cultivating leaders. She's been a Program Coordinator with the 4-H program since December of 2004.

Mrs. Clark is motivated to provide opportunities for people to volunteer and share their talents and skills. She is committed to the excellence, growth, independence, belonging, generosity and mastery that 4-H experiences provide. She believes that great leaders grow out of the program and are more likely to continue to give back to their local communities. Most importantly, Amanda believes in the relationships that are built within this youth organization, including community partnerships, adult and teen teaching/committee relations, and friendships.

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