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Ofelia Delgado
Community Worker, SNAP-Ed

Ofelia Delgado

Lake/McHenry Unit
100 South US Highway 45
Grayslake, IL 60030
Phone: 847-223-8627
FAX: 847-223-9288

Ofelia Delgado is a bi-lingual/bi-cultural Community Worker with Illinois Nutrition Education Programs (INEP) in Lake County, since November of 2009.  She is certified in Food Service Sanitation since 2003. Ofelia partners with a diverse group of community organizations in the county to help (restricted income) local residents, gain knowledge of basic nutrition, physical activity and food budgeting education by leading active cooking demonstrations and leading basic physical activity demonstrations for youth and adult audiences.

INEP is a part of University of Illinios Extension and provides nutrition education to households in Lake County Illinois.

We focus on reaching participants in their communities. Our evidence based, learned-centered education and skill building help us create a welcoming environment in our nutrition and cooking classes. With our interactive displays, and online resources, we continue to provide knowledge and teach the skills necessary in order to help families help make healthier meals, spend food budgets effectively, and make healthy living a natural part of their day.

"I have taught bilingual Basic Nutrition with the University of Illinois since 2009.  When I am not teaching at work or school, I am a food neophile, an adventurous eater. I love to study, find, prepare and cook new foods. I love the beautiful colors, the wonderful smells and the various tastes that foods offer.  My job is to teach people how to select healthier foods as well as how to to prepare and store them safely.   We read recipes together, following written as well as oral directions in order to maintain safe and sanitary environment.  Participants have discussions and get hands on experience as we create and taste our culinary creations.  Our discussions and games will include ways to sort food as well as ways to include them into our daily lifestyle.  Recipes are always available.  I look forward to working with your audience."

-Ms. Delgado


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