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Talon M. Becker
Extension Educator, Commercial Agriculture

Talon M. Becker

Franklin/Jackson/Perry/Randolph/Williamson Unit
1212 Route 14 West
Benton, IL 62812
Phone: 618-439-3178
FAX: 618-439-2953

Talon Becker is the Commercial Agriculture Educator for Unit 26. He works out of the Franklin County Extension Office, but is most often out traveling and working in various parts of southern Illinois. He performs a number of duties in his role, such as facilitating and conducting research projects at the Ewing Demonstration Center as well as the greater southern Illinois region, aiding with field days at Ewing Demonstration Center, collaborating with on-campus specialists and local community colleges, corresponding with clients and conducting field visits for agronomy related questions, presenting at community meetings, extension programs and other events, and co-organizing the annual Crop Management Conferences. Most community members that Talon engages with are farmers or people working in the agriculture industry.

Talon says, "My favorite part of this job is the variety of topics I encounter and get to learn about. Agriculture involves many different academic areas, such as, agronomy, ecology, biochemistry, genetics, economics and many others."

In his spare time Talon enjoys golfing, cooking and watching movies.

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