University of Illinois Extension
Bruce Spangeberg

These articles are written to apply to the northeastern corner of Illinois. Problems and timing may not apply outside of this area.

Stateline Yard & Garden

Article Index

01-03-02 Arrival of New Garden Catalogs
12-27-01 Overview of Evergreen Shrubs
12-20-01 All Evergreens Not the Same
12-13-01 Consider Landscape Plantings When Using Deicing Salts
12-06-01 Keeping Poinsettias Festive
11-29-01 Upcoming Winter Weather and Plants
11-22-01 Christmas Tree Selection & Care
11-15-01 Reviewing Garden Planting Performances
11-08-01 Various Reasons Moss Invades Lawns
11-01-01 November in the Yard and Garden
10-25-01 Preventing Winter Lawn Problems
10-18-01 New Beetle Pest Concerns
10-11-01 Boxelder Bugs Problems in Fall
10-04-01 Ladybugs Again Returning to Houses
09-27-01 Warm-Season Grasses Turn Brown Early
09-20-01 Annual Fall Color Show About to Begin
09-13-01 Composting Yard Waste This Fall
09-06-01 Now Is Ideal Time for Fertilizing Lawns
08-30-01 Plant Spring Bulbs This Fall
08-23-01 Early Tree Color Signals Stress
08-16-01 Ideal Time for Lawn Care Is Here
08-09-01 Planting Trees Properly This Fall
08-02-01 Weighing Lawn Renovation Options
07-26-01 August in the Yard & Garden
07-19-01 Dealing with Dry Landscapes
07-12-01 Yard & Garden Care and Vacations
07-05-01 Prepare for Japanese Beetles
06-28-01 Fairy Rings Common in Lawns
06-21-01 Strawberry Renovation and Raspberry Pruning
06-14-01 Preventing Annual Tomato and Apple Problems
06-07-01 Start Thinking Summer Lawn Care Now
05-31-01 Check Trunks and Roots of Problem Trees
05-24-01 Leaf Galls Common on Tree Foliage
05-17-01 Weed Control Options for Gardens
05-10-01 Garlic Mustard Invading Woodlands
05-03-01 Ground Ivy Problems in Lawns
04-26-01 Watch for Sawflies & Tent Caterpillars
04-19-01 Choosing a Lawn Fertilizer
04-12-01 Winter Damage Concerns
04-05-01 Prune Shrubs on a Regular Basis
03-29-01 Perennial Grassy Weeds in Lawns
03-22-01 Preventing Crabgrass Problems in Lawns
03-15-01 Viburnums Versatile Shrubs for the Landscape
03-08-01 Spring Care of Apple Trees
03-01-01 Planning Spring Lawn Care
02-22-01 Lawns May Look Ragged as Snows Melt
02-15-01 Math and the Yard & Garden
02-08-01 Pruning Trees and Shrubs in Spring
02-01-01 Groundcover Plants for Shade
01-25-01 Choose Shade Trees Wisely
01-18-01 Small Fruit Crops for Northern Illinois
01-11-01 Tree Fruits for Backyard Orchards
01-04-01 Choose Vegetable Seeds Wisely
12-28-00 Yard and Garden Resolutions for 2001
12-21-00 Little Moths Flying All Over the House
12-14-00 Pros and Cons of Snow Over the Landscape
12-07-00 Keeping Poinsettias Healthy
11-30-00 Christmas Tree Selection and Care
11-23-00 How Yard and Garden Pests Overwinter
11-16-00 Houseplant Problems Return
11-09-00 Pesticide Liscensing Requirements for Illinois
11-02-00 Prepare Yard and Garden for Winter
10-26-00 Ornamental Grasses at Peak in Fall
10-19-00 Improve Garden Soils in Off-Season
10-12-00 Warm Season Grasses Turn Lawns Brown
10-05-00 Preparing Lawns for Winter
09-28-00 Possible Reasons for Few Apples in Backyard Orchards
09-21-00 Fall Colors Highlight Season
09-07-00 Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs This Fall
08-31-00 Time for Fertilizing Lawns
08-24-00 Time for Lawn Renovation Is Now
08-17-00 Yellowjackets in the Yard
08-10-00 Early Fall Color on Trees
08-03-00 White Grub Concerns in Lawns
07-27-00 Rust Appearing on Lawns
07-20-00 Yard and Garden Concerns During Vacation
07-13-00 Rotted Trees Visible After Storms
07-06-00 Patch Diseases Appear on Home Lawns in Summer
06-29-00 Earwigs Again a Problem in Homes
06-22-00 Prepare for Japanese Beetles
06-15-00 Managing Problems When Growing Tomatoes
06-08-00 Preparing Lawns for Summer Heat
06-01-00 Many Trees Look Ragged
05-25-00 Leaf Galls Common on Trees
05-18-00 Cucumber Beetle a Major Garden Pest
05-11-00 Dealing with Dandelions
05-04-00 Importance of Mowing Often Overlooked
04-27-00 Early Season Tree Insects
04-20-00 Problems with Pines
04-13-00 Plan Before Planting Landscapes
04-06-00 Using Birches in the Landscape
03-30-00 Ornamental Grasses Popular Landscape Additions
03-23-00 Apple Scab Management Starts Early
03-16-00 Moss Problems in Lawns Have Various Causes
03-09-00 Smaller Shrubs for Landscape Use
03-02-00 Some Larger Shrubs to Consider Planting
02-24-00 Think Ahead to Crabgrass Control
02-17-00 Plan Ahead for Spring Lawn Care
02-10-00 Early Spring Pruning of Trees & Shrubs
02-03-00 Starting Thinking Early Spring Apple Pruning
01-27-00 Annuals Add Color with Minimum Care
01-20-00 Potential Problem Trees
01-13-00 Key Questions for Garden Catalogs
12-30-99 Yard & Garden Resolutions for 2000
12-23-99 Pines & Spruces for Landscape Use
12-16-99 Snow, Cold & Landscape Plants
12-09-99 Consider Adjacent Plants When Using Deicing Salts
12-02-99 Keep Holiday Plants Festive
11-25-99 Christmas Tree Selection Time Again
11-18-99 Why Yard and Garden Plantings May Fail
11-11-99 Warm Fall and Yard Care
11-04-99 Houseplant Problems Common in Fall
10-28-99 Walnut Toxicity to Plants
10-21-99 Getting Yard and Garden Set for Winter
10-14-99 Fall Root Growth for Trees and Turf
10-07-99 Boxelder Bugs Return with Fall
09-30-99 October Yard and Garden Activities
09-23-99 Success with Spring Flowering Bulbs
09-16-99 Area and Moisture Important in Lawn Care
09-09-99 Crickets a Common Nuisance Around the Home
09-02-99 Time for Fertilizing Lawns
08-26-99 Now Is the Time for Overseeding
08-19-99 Using Nuts from Shade Trees
08-12-99 Late Summer Tree Insects
08-05-99 Crabgrass, Crabgrass Everywhere!
07-29-99 Rust Again Problem on Lawns
07-22-99 Japanese Beetle Problems
07-15-99 Large Circles in Lawns May Be Fairy Ring
07-08-99 Sick Looking Leaves on Trees
07-01-99 Yard & Garden Calendar for July
06-24-99 Helping Lawns Through Summer Heat
06-17-99 Storm Damage Often Reveals Rotted Trees
06-10-99 That's Not Spit on That Plant
06-03-99 Manmade Tree Problems Preventable
05-27-99 Mowing an Important Lawn "Chore"
05-20-99 Don't Neglect Pruning Shrubs
05-13-99 Use Pesticides Safely This Season
05-06-99 May Yard and Garden Calendar
04-29-99 Managing Weeds in the Landscape & Gardens
04-22-99 Small Trees for Landscape Use
04-15-99 Choose Shade Trees Wisely
04-08-99 Apple Scab Management Starts Early
04-01-99 Yard and Garden Activities Increase in April
03-25-99 Groundcovers for Shade Areas
03-18-99 Spring Pruning Possibilities
03-11-99 Most Yard and Garden Work Must Wait
03-04-99 Crabgrass Management Options for Lawns
02-25-99 Growing Lawns in Shade Ongoing Problem
02-18-99 Avoid Monoculture Landscape Plantings
02-11-99 Consider Planting Ornamental Grasses (part 2)
02-04-99 Consider Planting Ornamental Grasses
01-28-99 Make Plans for Spring Care of Apple Trees
01-21-99 Be Wary of Fantastic Grasses
01-14-99 Plan Before Ordering Seeds & Plants
01-07-99 The Benefits of Snow
12-31-98 Looking Back on 1998
12-24-98 Indoor Insect Pests in Winter
12-17-98 Deicing Salts Can Damage Plantings
12-10-98 Don't Let Bugs Ruin Holidays
12-03-98 Christmas Trees & Poinsettias
11-26-98 Late Fall Reminders
11-19-98 Lawns and Winter Problems
11-12-98 Animal Damage to Plants in Winter
11-05-98 Getting Landscape Plants Ready for Winter
10-29-98 Ladybugs Common These Days
10-22-98 Lawns & the 1998 Season
10-15-98 Looking Back at the Vegetable Gardening Season
10-08-98 October Time for Planting Spring Bulbs
10-01-98 Annual Fall Color Show to Begin
09-24-98 Transition Time in the Yard & Garden
09-17-98 Compost Leaves and Garden Waste This Fall
09-10-98 Keeping Up with Changes
09-03-98 Early September Good Time for Fertilizing Lawns
08-27-98 Repair and Renovate Lawns Now
08-20-98 Make Plans to Plant Lawns Now
08-13-98 Early Fall Color on Trees & Shrubs
08-06-98 Landscape Plantings & Drought Stress
07-30-98 Rust Problems Returning to Lawns
07-23-98 Fall Webworms Visible in Trees
07-16-98 Midseason Lawn & Garden Update
07-09-98 Patch Disease in Lawns
07-02-98 Dealing with Earwigs Around the Home
06-25-98 July Lawn and Garden Calendar
06-18-98 Moss Problems in Lawns
06-11-98 Helping Your Lawn Through Summer
06-04-98 Preventing Annual Apple and Tomato Problems
05-28-98 Cucumber Beetle a Major Vegetable Pest
05-21-98 Memorial Day in the Lawn and Garden
05-14-98 Keep Ahead of the Weeds
05-07-98 Alter Lawn Care in Shade
04-30-98 Sawflies and Tent Caterpillars Return
04-23-98 Gypsy Moth Numbers Up in Illinois—Part 2
04-16-98 Gypsy Moth Numbers Up in Illinois—Part 1
04-09-98 Once Again Time for Apple Scab Control
04-02-98 Plenty of Time for Managing Crabgrass in Lawns
03-26-98 April Lawn and Garden Calendar
03-19-98 Winter Damage Difficult to Predict This Year
03-12-98 Perennial Grass Weeds in Lawns
03-05-98 Vegetable Garden Essentials
02-26-98 March in the Lawn and Garden
02-19-98 Lawns Look Ragged
02-12-98 Small Shrubs for Landscape Use
02-05-98 Some Larger Shrubs for Landscape Use
01-29-98 Limited Garden Calendar for February
01-22-98 Groundcovers as Lawn Alternatives in Shade
01-15-98 Thinking Ahead to 1998 Lawn Care
01-08-98 Horticulture Programs Scheduled for 1998
01-01-98 Use Garden Catalogs Wisely


Yard and Garden Resolutions for 1998
12-18-97 Indian Meal Moths Are Unwelcome Holiday Visitors
12-11-97 Plant Damage and Deicing Salts
12-04-97 Caring for Poinsettias and Christmas Trees
11-27-97 Time to Think Christmas Trees
11-20-97 Are Your Yard and Garden Ready for Winter?
11-13-97 Problems with Warm Season Grasses
11-06-97 Ladybugs Getting Set for Winter
10-30-97 Solving Houseplant Problems


Winter Winds, Cold and Plants
10-16-97 Weather Changes Gardening Mindset
10-09-97 Roots Key to Plant Success
10-02-97 Compost Leaves and Yard Waste
09-25-97 Mid-Fall Lawn Care Activities
09-18-97 Dry Early Fall and Plant Care
09-11-97 Fall Color Changes in Leaves


Late Summer Lawn Update
08-28-97 Yard & Garden Calendar for September
08-21-97 Ideal Time for Lawn Renovation is Here
08-14-97 Harvesting Nuts from Backyard Trees
08-07-97 Orange Lawns Again Starting to Appear
07-31-97 Yard and Garden Calendar for August
07-24-97 Consider Past Events When Diagnosing Tree Problems
07-17-97 Patch Diseases in Lawns


Vacations and the Yard & Garden
07-03-97 Mid Season Yard and Garden Review
06-26-97 Early Summer Vegetable Garden Problems
06-19-97 Helping Lawns Through Summer Stress
06-12-97 Leaf Galls Not as Bad as They Look
06-05-97 Yard and Garden Calendar for June
05-29-97 Grubworms and Sod Webworms Not the Same Pest
05-22-97 Weed Management Options for Gardens
05-15-97 Not All Tomato Varieties the Same
05-08-97 Don't Forget the Importance of Proper Mowing
05-01-97 Lawn Care Calendar for May

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