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Farm Economics

These articles illustrate the impact of the current financial crisis on the agricultural economy and decision-making.  Focus is devoted to five main topics—the nature of the financial crisis, impacts on the short-term availability of credit, the connection between the financial meltdown and commodity prices, crop insurance decisions, and land rental and lease negotiations.

  • The Current Financial Crisis: How Did We Get Here?
  • Financial Markets in Agriculture
  • Implications of Credit Market Problems for Crop Prices
  • Increased Probabilities of Crop Insurance Payments
  • 2009 Rental Decisions Given Volatile Commodity Prices and Higher Input Costs

Integerated Pest Management
Useful site for producers (fruits, vegetables, turf, greenhouse, livestock) to improve their financial “bottom line.”


Personal Finance 

Bouncing Back When Your Income Drops: Working Together as a Family

Money Management in Tough Times


Intentional Harmony


Staying Strong in a Busy World

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