University of Illinois Extension

Spend Smart, Save Smart Tips

Ten Tips for Personal Hygiene

  • Use barber and beauty training schools for services. Prices are a fraction of what they are at regular salons.
  • Get hair cuts, manicures and pedicures when specials are offered.
  • Use local technical schools for low cost massages.
  • Buy grooming aids on sale instead of paying full price. Buy extra when offered at half-price or on special at "buy one, get one free.”
  • Maintain your own low-cost beauty regime by purchasing from discount stores or by using generic or store brand products.
  • Use a lip brush to get the remaining lipstick from down inside the tube.
  • Use common items in the home for beauty maintenance. For example, place cucumber slices on eyes to soothe and reduce puffiness.
  • Have alternate plans for bad hair days. Use hats, hair pieces and scarves.
  • Use low cost fragrances, body sprays, oils and lotions. Consider stores that sell imitation scents.
  • Use every bit of your products by placing them upside-down when they are nearly empty. The remaining contents will be more accessible.