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Flowers and Greenery

Caring for Your Amaryllis

Amaryllis add a tropical look to your home and provide some much needed winter color besides gray and dirty snow white. In addition, few indoor plants are as long lasting and easy care as amaryllis. Amaryllis are popular gifts and have huge flowers (up to six inches across) in winter. There are normally two to four or more flowers on a twelve to twenty-four inch stalk.

Beyond Poinsettias: Alternative Holiday Plants

Other choices for holiday plants.

The Poinsettia Pages

How do you keep a poinsettia healthy? Find out in the poinsettia pages.

Christmas Cactus

Tips to get your Christmas cactus to bloom.


Holiday plant with heart-shaped leaves and pink to rose flowers.

Holly, Mistletoe and Poinsettia

Sprigs of holly, mistletoe and poinsettias of many colors are favorites for holiday decorating. ISU Extension horticulturists explain what grows in Iowa, how they grow and a bit of the traditions behind these festive plants.

Make a Holiday Wreath

A wreath is an attractive, easy-to-make decoration for the upcoming holiday season.

Reblooming Holiday Plants

Tips on reblooming popular holiday plants.


Once a very popular Christmas plant, now used in wreaths and holiday topiary.