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Steve HollisterSteve Hollister, worked for the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Soil Conservation Service since 1974, retiring in 2009. He has been involved in soil erosion control planning on farms for 34 years using USLE, RUSLE, and RUSLE2. From 1990 until retirement he was involved in training NRCS and SWCD employees in soil erosion control, Conservation Compliance, tillage management, nutrient management, and grazing systems.

Dennis GodarDennis Godar, CPAg, TSP: Dennis is Operations Director for ManPlan Inc, a company that specializes in writing Nutrient Management Plans for CAFO’s and NPDES permit holders. Dennis has a B.S degree in Agronomy & Ag-Economics from UIUC and a M.A. degree in Environmental Studies & Risk Assessment from UIS.  Prior to working in his present career position, Dennis had over 20 years of experience in farming and pork production and 5 years of experience in sales management for an animal nutrition company.

Michael AndreasMichael Andreas, Graduated from the University of Illinois, Agricultural Engineering BS, 1979.  Worked as an NRCS Area Engineer for 30 years in Western and Southern Illinois.  Upon retirement with 34 years of federal service, started Andreas Consulting Services, Maryville, IL and work part time for Maurer-Stutz, INC and Southwestern Illinois RC&D.  Current TSP for CAP CNMP in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri.

Dr. Richard GatesDr. Richard Gates, PhD, PE, Professor Gates has taught Air Quality module on a previous TSP training session. He is a registered Professional Engineer (Kentucky) and has nearly 30 years of research, teaching and extension experience in controlled environment agriculture. He is a professor at the University of Illinois, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department.

Ted FunkTed Funk, PhD, P.E.  Ted grew up on a western Illinois livestock farm and is a graduate of the University of Illinois with degrees in Mechanical Engineering (BS) and Agricultural Engineering (MS and PhD).  He has over 30 years’ experience in Extension work, advising Midwest livestock producers on housing, energy, and manure management systems.  He specializes in indoor climate control in buildings, and environmentally friendly manure management methods.  He is an extension specialist at the University of Illinois, in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department.

Stanley SolomonStanley Solomon is an agricultural engineer with over 15 years of experience in livestock manure management systems.  As an extension educator, Solomon has presented safety, equipment selection, and odor control for livestock operations.  His activities have included presenting a numerous national and international conferences on livestock manure management issues including the use of low cost technology for manure application management.  Solomon has been a regular presenter on the IL Certified Livestock Managers Training series for the last 10 years.  

Richard CookeRichard Cooke, PhD. is an Associate Professor and Drainage Extension Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Illinois. He teaches courses in Drainage and Water Management, Land and Water Management Systems, Drainage Design and Layout, and Nonpoint Source Pollution Modeling. His current research focus is on the development and evaluation of drainage-related best management practices for improving water quality, watershed-scale modeling of subsurface drainage systems, and the development of multi-objective design criteria for subsurface drainage systems.