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Vendors: Modern Marketing & Merchandising Essentials - WEBINAR

June 12, 2017 (12:00 PM )

With all the effort that it takes to raise farm-fresh food and transport it to the farmers market, sometimes it’s easy for farmers to give short shrift to the marketing considerations that create awareness and appeal to the end-customer. Growers can build their brand and boost their sales by having a booth that catches the eye, products that appeal to the senses, and customer service that surpasses expectations. Plus, we’ll talk about how this process can start well before market day with a strategic social media presence.

Your speaker for the day will be Andrew Larson, University of Illinois Extension Educator. Andrew has bachelor’s degrees in Anthropology and Environmental Science from the University of Notre Dame, a master’s degree in Nat­ural Resources & Environmental Sciences from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from Iowa State University. Andy offers programs in the areas of small farm business and marketing planning, backyard and small commercial poultry production, farmers’ market strategy and sales, and alternative crop and livestock production for small farms and acreages. He is also co-coordinator of the Illinois SARE program. Andy lives on an acreage near his family farm in northernmost Illinois. He is helping his wife and kids add to the family business with a free-range egg enterprise.

The webinar will be presented using Skype for Business, which can be installed at no cost on your computer. Detailed instructions will be provided prior to the webinar to all registrants. You may also participate by telephone and listen to the webinar, using the number provided.

Hosted by University of Illinois Extension and the Illinois Farmers Market Association.

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