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Kiefner Farms Agricultural Tour - WILL COUNTY

August 22, 2018 (9:00 AM )

Kiefner Farms
15002 W Hoff Road
Manhattan, IL 60442 (Will County)

Kiefner Farms - owned and operated by hosts John and Sherri - will provide information on their goals and how they look for new income sources and adventures in farming. They will provide their philosophy behind diversification and choice of different crops to grow, while also raising livestock (chickens and honey bees). Though they grow row crops, they also grow pumpkins for sale during Halloween time. They practice soil conservation by growing cover crops during the off-season periods. Throughout the year, quality local honey that is harvested from their apiaries is available. Get more information at See more Kiefner Farms information at

Register by calling James Theuri at 815-933-8337 or email him at A minimum number is required to hold the event.