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Orr Beef Research Center FIELD DAY

September 5, 2018 (5:00 PM )

Orr Beef Research Center
Wednesday, September 5th - 5pm
Program starts at JWCC Ag Center

*Research Update*

-“Evaluation of Parasite Resistance in Cattle Treated with LongRange™”
-“Influence of DDGS on Bull Development and Reproduction Traits”
-“Effect of Heifer Development System”
-“Outcomes from Extended Dry-Lot Housing of Cows”

Discussion will be led by Dr. Dan Shike, Travis Meteer, and U of I Graduate Research Students

7:00 pm:
**Demonstration/Farm Tour*
“Guess-a-Weight Contest”
       -Guess the weight of a cow, calf, and hay bale. Prizes for the winners
“Tour of the Farm, Cattle on Display”
       -Orr Farm Crew; Wes Chapple, Danny Graham and Matt Perry

JWCC Ag Center located on IL Hwy 104. 18 Miles east of Liberty, IL. 14 miles west of Meredosia, IL

37803 St. Hwy 104
Baylis, IL 62362

Not required. Bring a friend or neighbor

Complimentary Dinner:
No charge. Ribeye, chips, and tea

Please do not wear clothing or foot-wear which you have worn in your feedlot or pastures unless washed

If you have any questions please call:
Travis Meteer (217)-430-7030