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2nd Annual Adams County Beef Tour

July 10, 2015 (8:30 AM - 12:30 PM )

Tour Stops

8:30am:     Richard Klusmeyer Farm

·        Monoslope Cattle Feeding Facility used to finish Holstein steers

·        Management of Dry Bed Pack

·        Feeding of Customized, Low Cost Ration


10:30am:  Larry Frese Farm - Pasture Walk

·        Rotational Grazing in Commercial Cow-Calf Operation

·        Monte Rowland, Ursa Farmers Cooperative

·        Travis Meteer, Beef Specialist with University of Illinois Extension


12:30pm:  Lunch served at Duane and Tom Shaffer Farm (DTS Farms, LLC)

·        “How much can you afford to spend on replacement breeding stock?”   Travis Meteer, Beef Specialist with University of Illinois Extension

·        “Planning ahead for fall and winter feeding”

Monte Rowland, Ursa Farmers Cooperative

·        Ribeye Sandwich, Sides, Dessert, and Drink

·        Tours of DTS Farms, LLC facility after lunch


To Richard Klusmeyer Farm:

Option 1:  Go to Mendon and turn north on Chestnut St.   Continue north for 1.5 miles to N. 2400th Ave. and turn east.  Facility is on the south side of  2400th Ave.


Option 2:  Turn west on E. 2400th Ave (across from ADM Beef Research Farm) from 4 lane (Hwy 110/336).  Go about a a mile and facility is on the south side of 2400th Ave. 

From Richard Klusmeyer Farm To Larry Frese Farm: 

Option 1:  Go east to 4 lane (Hwy 110/336) and turn south.  Go south for 2.5 miles and turn west on N. 2150th Ave.  Turn south on E. 1200th, which is a dead end road, and Larry’s place is 2044 E. 1200th St. 


Option 2:  Turn south on E. 1200th St. (gravel road to the west of the Klusmeyer cattle facility) and go south 3.5 miles to 2044 E. 1200th St.  The road will go from gravel to paved when in Mendon and back to gravel south of Mendon.  You will go through Mendon, but stay on the same road the whole way.


From Larry Frese Farm to Duane and Tom Shaffer Farm:

            Go back to Mendon and turn west on Highway 61.  This takes you to Highway 96 and turn south there.  Turn west on N. 2050th Ave. just south of Ursa and facility will be on the north side of 2050th Ave.     


Contact phone numbers:

                Jessica Carolan 217-617-9177

                Kelvin Triplett    217-242-0609

                Adam Mowen   217-430-4352