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Extension Meetings

Extension Council Meeting - January 21, 2011

Friday January 21, 2011 • 11:30 AM

This meeting has passed.

Extension Council Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2011


Willene Buffett, Ethel Muhammad, Colette Schrank, June Price Shingles, Regina Rivers and Sharon Baksh

- President Ethel Muhammad opened the meeting and welcomed all.

- All in attendance were asked to sign in.

- Lacking a quorum the meeting was "informational" only.

Corrections to 11/12/10 Meeting Notes:

- President Muhammad asked for clarification to the 11-12-10 meeting notes re: number of core positions. Director Buffett clarified the number of core positions as:

Number of traditional core positions (10):

· (1) Family Life Position

? (1) Community & Economic Development

· (1) CED Leadership & Development Local Government

· (1) YD Youth & Youth Metro

· (1) YD Youth Metro

· (3) Agriculture & Natural Resources Horticulture

· (2) Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Regional Directors worked with County Directors to determine the number of positions the county's budget would have the capacity to support. The number of positions was recommended to Dr. Robert Hoeft, Interim Associate Dean, and Extension & Outreach.

Director Buffet clarified "Membership Terms" for Cook County Extension Council; some discussion ensued.

Old Business:

Program Planning Process:

Director Buffet explained the "Program Planning Process:'
- the process has not been clearly defined under the proposed new structure
- Status of Faculty Support

Status of current Needs Assessment:

Dr. Baksh reported:
- Needs Assessment is still current though feedback from constituents was scanty; may have been an issue with the formatting of the form used.

Membership Drive Update:

President Muhammad suggested and developed the following:
- to map region (Cook County) into 3 sections
- identify groups to target: governmental (mayors and Chamber of Commerce), religious (pastors, ministers and other clergy), educational (all levels of schools)
- develop letter explaining how Extension serves community constituents
- set September as the Membership Drive month
- send letter in next 30 days (i.e. by 2/21/11)
- establish RSVP by 3/31/11
- develop timeline for contacting/interviewing
- set election of new members for June Council meeting (tentatively for 6//15/11) with orientation to follow.

New Business:

Director Buffett cited the following updates:
- Campus training for new educators
- Campus training for county directors
- - Payment for CCI (2009/2010) received and impact on operations/teams in place (Community Health and STEM).

Program Impact Study:
Dr. Baksh discussed:
- Sense of Qualtiy
- Forwarding survey responses to Director Buffett to be used in contact with state senators and mayors and to use as a foundation for future surveys
- Summer Institute for Teachers (STEM Professional Summer Institute for teachers in Cook County; plan to use feedback from teachers to develop next generation of institutes)
- CYFAR: Partners and Parenting; trying to get focus group to include "fathers", training males to be facilitators; Barbara Cole is currently hosting breakfast once/month with similar group.



Next Meeting Date:

TBA; meeting adjourned.

Submitted by:

Colette Schrank, Cook County Extension Council Secretary