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Extension Meetings

Extension Council Meeting

Friday October 28, 2011 • 11:30 AM

This meeting has passed.

Extension Council

Meeting Minutes 10/28/2011

Meeting Called to Order: 11:40am

Roll Call:Lori Bortnick, Willene Buffett, Helen Charity, Barbara Cole, Richard Dobson, Lee Fantroy, Tabitha Hoskins, Sylvester Hughes, Dennis Leaks, Ethel Muhammad, Terrence Pruitt, June Shingles, Florida Turner, Dr. Carolyn Vessel

Attendance: Maria Araiza, Veronica Aranda, Lori Bortnick, Willene Buffett, Helen Charity, Barbara Cole, Geraldine Cox, Michele Crawford, Richard Dobson, Lee Fantroy, Sue Gasper, Rhonda Hardy, Molly Hofer, Tabitha Hoskins, Sylvester Hughes, Frances Johnson, Semaj Johnson, Nancy Kreith, Dennis Leaks, Karen Meyer, Ethel Muhammad, Alisa Nash, Aida Peralta, Nancy Pollard, Terrence Pruitt, June Shingles, Florida Turner, Dr. Carolyn Vessel

Welcome: Willene Buffett and President Ethel Muhammad

Introductions of New Extension Council Members:

Dr. Carolyn Vessel is the CEO/President of I.A.M.A.B.L.E. This is an organization that focuses on mental and other community outreach efforts. She has also the executive director with Co-Laborers with Child USA/Africa which allows her and a staff 30 to feed, cloth, and shelter unfortunate families in Africa.

Mr. Terrence Pruittis the Dean of Students of all five of the Perspectives High Schools locations. He is the leading contact person that is in charge of all educational resources for the students. He is also the president of Megiste Arcte Christian Fraternity Chicago Chapter.

Florida Turneris the director of the juvenile detention center. She has previously held positions in management policy, nutrition, and program development. She is also the board president of Charter Schools and serves on the ICRE-R, State of Illinois.

Dennis Leaks is currently a Police Liaison for the Oak Park Police Department in Oak Park, IL. He is also currently enlisted in the Army Reserved and has been in the army for over 10 years. He is also on a working group for Diversity Recruitment and Retention for Northern Illinois University. He is interested in local government, economic development and mentoring male youth.

Ms. Lori Bortinck is a CPS school teacher at Herzel Elementary in early childhood development. She is also a member of the National Association of Educators of Young Children in Chicago. She would like to develop nutrition and fitness programming for young children. She is dedicated to finding resources to low income families.

Mr. Lee Fantroy is the founder of his own business that entails Development of Construction Management located in the south suburbs of Chicago. He stated that he is interested in guiding youth to development "Green Careers:" such as economist, renewable energy, and environmental engineers.

Mr. Sylvester Hughes is the Program Director for Teen Parent Services Central which services greater than 300 teen moms across in the Chicago. He stated he would like to be referred to as "Sly" and will be starting a new approach along with Extension Educator Leonard Parker that would include working with the teen fathers. He also served on the Partners and Parenting Coalition.

Existing Members briefly introduced themselves and their organizations along with how long they have served on the Extension Council.

Old Business

- (Minutes from the Previous Meeting) The meeting minutes from the previous meeting were recognized and approved by Barbara Cole and seconded by President Ethel Muhammad.

New Business

- (Financial Report) The Financial Report was discussed by Willene. Council members were advised to read at their own leisure.

- (Organizational Structure) Willene discussed the current positions that exist on a local level. There were many positions that have been eliminated. She explained the importance of the volunteers and their time dedicated to serve with Extension is very valuable.

- (Staffing Updates)

Extension is looking to hire three Educators-

1. S.T.E.M. (Chemistry)

2. S.T.E.M. (Small Animal)

3. Community Health

Extension is looking to hire two Extension Program Coordinators-

1. Youth Development

2. Horticulture

- (Program FY 2011-2012: Plans of Work)

Educators Present POW debrief-

(S.T.E.M.)-Karen Meyer introduced herself and her team members Oyewole Ajifolokun who current is out of the country and teaches children about dissecting animals as well as teaches other science microorganism structures. Karen explained how their focus for the new program year will consist of more professional development for teachers and Semaj Johnson the Extension Program Coordinator will help administer the workshops.

(Community Economic Development)-Rhonda Hardyintroduced herself and her Extension program coordinator Aida Peralta is working on multiple projects. Restructuring the efforts of maintaining a captive audience will consist of 4 core areas: Community Driven Assessments, Strategic Planning, Surveys, and Assessments.

(4-H Youth Development)- Geraldine Cox (Gerri) the Extension Program Coordinator for the 4-H team stated that the Educators were out of state on a business trip and could not be present. She briefly explained the focus areas for the new program year which were: Youth Leadership, Gardening, and Civic Engagement.

(Horticulture)- Nancy Pollard, Nancy Kreith, and Sue Gasper represented their team of six which includes: Three Educators; Nancy Pollard, Greg Stack, and Ronald Wolford Two Extension Program Coordinators; Nancy Kreith (South Suburbia) Sue Gasper (Chicago) and One Extra Help; Susan Gaske (North Suburbia) Program plans are to deliver the three Master programs in the 2011-2012 program year with a particular focus on Protecting and Appreciating Our Environment, and on Growing and Accessing Adequate Food to Prevent Hunger. The Horticulture team will continue to disseminate best practices in these focal areas by partnering with the Master volunteer force. The Horticulture Team will also assist with interdisciplinary Extension programs such as, the Mobile Science Lab, work with 4H to implement the I Think Green curriculum, provide programming for the Learning is Timeless series, conduct teacher trainings and host a series of workshops on creating and starting community gardens.

(EFNEP/SNAP-ED)-Maria Araiza and Michele Crawford represented their team of Snap-Ed which is a co-existing team with EFNEP as well. The two Educators that are over the EFNEP team are Jennifer McCaffrey and Jacqueline Wilson. It was explained that for SNAP-Ed there is a very specific audience:

§ Youth-In school, preschools, K-2.

§ Adults-women, head of households, low income families.

§ WIC-TANF, Head start, Sectors.

§ Free after school programs.

§ Summer programs with free lunch.

§ Schools that meet eligibility greater than 50% poverty and offer free lunch program.

SNAP-ED will work closer with Child Parent Centers, Head start Programs, Community Organizations, Social Service Agencies, Specific curriculum with a Specific program. They have collaborated SNAP-Ed with EFNEP to INEP which is now standard acronym for Illinois Nutrition Education Program.

(Family and Consumer Sciences)- Molly Hofer and Alisa Nashrepresented their team of three as two individual focuses but consolidated as one team. There has been an interdisciplinary team created to conduct workshops at the Urban Leadership Center called "Learning Is Timeless" for active adults. The team consists of four members: Molly Hofer, Ron Wolford, Dedra Thomas, and Veronica Aranda. They have created a schedule from now all the way through the end of the year. Each Educator would be alternating teaching in the computer lab. They also have created a seasonal book club. Alisa Nash represented Dedra Thomas the Consumer and Family Economics Educator program offerings that were distributed in everyone's folders.

(Community Health)- Veronica Aranda represented her team of five members which consists of four Extension Educators; Veronica Aranda, Durriyyah Kemp, Sonia Lopez, and Tammi Tannura and one Extension Program Coordinator Tabitha Hoskins. The Community Health is now focusing on three components which are:

· U and I Aware of Breast Cancer

- Educational workshops to increase awareness of and access to education about breast cancer risks and early detection of breast cancer to women living in Cook County.

· Social and Emotional Learning

- Social and Emotional Learning and Mental Health will address specific youth-related mental health concerns, (i.e. anger, sadness, self-esteem) in context of social and emotional learning.

· Sexual and Reproductive Health

These components will focus on the program offerings for youth and adults in areas of anatomy and physiology, hygiene, puberty, family planning/birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and relationships.

Committee Assignments – the Extension Council agreed that there would be committee assignments created so that everyone could have an active role in as council members.

Marketing Committee- Helen Charity and Lori Bortnick

Program Committee-

Focus Areas:

- 4-H

(Barbara Cole, Richard Dobbins, Sylvester Hughes, June Shingles, Geraldine Simmons and Florida Turner)

Consumer Economic Development

Consumer Family Sciences

Community Health



Recruiting Committee- Dennis Leaks, Terrence Pruitt, and Collette Schrank

Announcements- Tabitha Hoskins announced that she will be coordinating future meetings for the Extension Council. She is the contact person for all Extension Council Members concerns.

Next Meeting- December 2, 2011 from 11:30-1:30pm (Branch Office/Westchester)-2205 Enterprise Drive Suite 501 Westchester, 60154