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Extension Meetings

Cook County Extension Council Minutes: September 11, 2015

Friday September 11, 2015 • 1:00 PM

This meeting has passed.


Cook County Extension Council Minutes

Friday, September 11, 2015

Extension Office

8751 S. Greenwood Suites 112- 122

1:00 p.m.


Angelo R. Chavers, Jeremy Chia, Melvin Jefferson, Sylvia Y. Jones, Timothy Jones, Martha Madkins, Marvin McNeil, Bob Mead, Edna Rodriguez, Dion Smith, Reginald Summerrise.


Willene Buffett, Aida Peralta, Sherri Ambrose, and Elizabeth Verzo

Meeting called to order by Reginald Summerrise at 1:00 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions:

Mr. Summerrise asked that everybody introduce themselves

Minutes of previous meeting:

Reginald Summerrise asked members to review and approved minutes from the previous meeting. Sylvia Jones asked that her name be spelled correctly on all documents. Correction will be made to the minutes. Reginald Summerrise moved to approve the minutes and everybody agree to the motion.

Old business:

Referenced documents that were provided in the meeting booklet that includes current demographic information.

Asked to provide details on how many agencies are represented.

37 agencies programming

Breakdown of type of agencies

Address and neighborhood


Final impacts (how many adults and youth) reached through the program. The numbers listed are preliminary and will be updated as the data is received.

The block of agencies presented were from a block that is served by Elizabeth's agency.

Enrollment data was presented and will change at fiscal year which ends September 30th.

Breakdown of economic indicators

Data revealed that families that are eligible are enrolling on the back end

Key demographic data was shown in percentage of households below the poverty line

Program clusters on north side, some were had higher concentrated areas

Schools and head starts included,

Uptake in adult rehabilitation,

Other trends noted such as non-traditional; Gilda's club a family who has a family member fighting cancer.

Collaboration with a food kitchen,

Question: What is considered lower west side?

Pilsen, and some of Tri-Taylor. A mapping project is being generated.

The communities are small and the numbers look large for the area?

It might dip into other areas like South Lawndale and Little Village

Question regarding racial demographics: What is the number of Caucasians?

The number was less than one percent for Caucasian so the numbers were not calculated.

Comment that the partnership list was very extensive.

Question: How do the reports compare with previous years is there a projection?

There was an increase over last year. The numbers are changing as the steams are being rebuilt. Next year more after school programs are scheduled to roll out.

Question: Can you provide current plans with sharing?

One of the larger partners is SNAP-Ed.

Scheduled to move out of the city into the suburbs.

Trying to reach more families through multi-layered avenues; church, where they shop,

Expansion & Review Committee Report Update

Marvin reported that 6 members were part of the teleconference meeting call.

Discussed the role of the Review Committed and how it supports the Extension Council

Charge of committee is to represent 4H on the county level and add more members from the urban communities to the club.4H was described as being more rural.

Sylvia confirmed that she was on the call but her name was not mentioned.

Parker Two new youth members will be added to the committee.

The first official meeting of the committee is scheduled for November.

County Director's Update:

U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission

Director Buffett reviewed the Unit Financial Projection Worksheet.

The fiscal office is charged with reviewing current monies in the trust account and anticipated monies.

The report shows FY'15 carryover of 1.0 M

For FY'16 the monies are not confirmed yet from the State and it has not been confirmed yet if the state will match current dollars.

Local dollars are being requested by Director Buffet.

It is not clear whether the monies will be matched.

For the previous 3 years it was .65 on the dollar, and prior years it was .85

Earmarked monies have been received by the State.

The earmarked monies have decreased over the years.

Director Buffett explained that any programs generating income the dollars are not matched.

It was noted that the Council President sent a letter.

Question: What is the salary line on the document?

It was confirmed the financial document included a total of several salaries.

Question: Has anyone tried to talk to the Governor?

It was explained that Director Buffet and others met with the President of University of Illinois and that he will continue to speak on behalf on the Extension during his weekly meeting with the Governor. Extension partners have also submitted letters of concern to the Governor's office.

The council was asked to review the letter Reginal Summerrise sent to the Associate Dean and Director at the University of Illinois. The letter was sent on behalf of the council.

Question: Can we have a meeting before letters are sent so that others can weigh in?

It was agreed that others can provide input on future letters.

Civil Rights

The extension council reviewed civil rights documents

To ensure that organizations we partner with follow the civil rights that U of I Extension Council is governed by. All partnering organizations must sign the form and the form is kept on file.

Question: Was the inclusion statement part of the minutes?

Inclusion statement is part of the minutes.

Also, correct the spelling of the location of University of Illinois on the Civil Rights document.

Question: After signing, is the organization required to send back and confirm information on demographics?

Not a current process but it was noted that the question will be taken forward.

Director Buffet mentioned that while on University of Illinois campus she and other directors were given a current document of demographics.

ANCRA Training

All volunteers are required to take ANCRA training and receive a certificate.

Question: Are they also required to complete GLEEDS training? ( confirm acronym???)

Yes, they are also required.

It was explained that the training was required

Non-Discrimination Certificate


Director Buffet provided samples of data that is sent quarterly to commissioners and state representatives. The information is obtained from the educators on a monthly basis.

The council members need to become more active with the programs. The council members were asked to review the programs and volunteer.

4H - Melvin

Community Health - Edna

Horticulture - Sylvia,

Family and Consumer Sciences

Family Life – Timothy, Marvin, Dionne

INEP – Jeremy,

STEM – Martha, Reginald, Bob

STEM-SEL – Dionne, Angelo

Reginald asked that contact information for the programs be made available at the next meeting. and we will determine the next steps.

Next meeting:

The next meeting is November 13, 2015 at 12:00 noon.


Reginald Summerrise moved to close the meeting at 2:09 PM. It was seconded and the meeting was adjourned.