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Extension Meetings

Cook County Extension Council Meeting Minutes: May 13, 2016

Friday May 13, 2016 • 1:00 AM

This meeting has passed.

University of Illinois Extension

Cook County Extension Council Meeting

Friday, May 13, 2016

8751 S. Greenwood, Suites 112-122

1:00 p.m.

Attendees: Angelo Chavers, Arleta Bazile, Sylvia Jones, Martha Madkins, Marvin McNeil, Reginald Summerrise, Barbara Clark, Thurman Foreman, Bod Mead, Dedra Ries

Staff: Leonard Parker, Marilou Andon, Aida Peralta, Willene Buffett

Reginald Summerrise called meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Council members reviewed the minutes from the previous meeting and minutes were approved by vote with edits.

Old Business

The Council has various vacant positions; President Reginald Summerrise made the following appointments

Vice Chair – Martha Madkins

Martha Madkins has been a member of the Extension Council for about 3 years now. She is currently at Olivet Nazarene University, previously with the City Colleges, her background is in higher education.

Membership Chairperson - Sylvia Jones is a member of the council, who is very active in her community on various boards.

Nominating Chair – Bob Mead, has been on the council over the past year and has expertise is in the area of communications.

The Council approved all the appointments offered by President Summerrise.

Budget Committee

· No report

Expansion and Review Committee

· Leonard Parker reported that the team will meet on Saturday June 4, 2016 at the Extension Office.

4-H Program Update - Marilou Andon, and Leonard Parker

· The 4-H team recently acquired a new program coordinator. There are six program coordinators in Cook County.

· The 4-H team is trying to diversify their efforts to reach youth throughout the County. A step toward this goal is creating marketing materials in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

· The 4-H Team receive a grant of $66,000 from Target

o Teens will receive positive youth development training between June 1, 2016 - March 2017

o They have to be SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program)-Ed eligible, Dolton, Wheeling, and Summit

o Looking for bilingual teens for Wheeling program

o The locations have to be outside of Chicago and have a Target store nearby

o The Illinois Junior Chef is the curriculum that is being taught. This includes peer mentorship, and healthy living skills.

o The children are 13 -18. A total of 750 group. This is being split between Cook and Lake County. There will be a culminating event at the end of the session.

o The teen is expected to teach a total of 10 hours over the grant period June 1, 2016 – March 2017.

"What are you asking the teen to do?" (Summerrise)

· Teens learn how to teach

· Learn to teach the curriculum

Is there funding for training?

Did you seek Target or did target seek you out? (McNeil)

· Target sought out Extension through the National 4-H Council.

What is the requirements for teens to teach? (Clark)

· 13 years old

· Mode of teaching

Is there a next step for students after the grant ends? (Jones)

· We hope they will be a spin club

· The Flower and Garden show has asked 4-H to participate and we will be able have students put together

Leonard Parker presented collage to showed the work of 4-H. Highlights include

· Robotics showcase

· Kick-off event

· National Youth Science Day

· October 8, 2016, Cook County 4-H kick-off will be available to all youth. Events

4-H Fair – July 9, 2016 at Toyota Park in Bridgeview

· Everyone is welcome to participate at the fair and be part of the fair

· Plan to have a survey to evaluate the fair

· Channel 5 interviewed Kellars Robotics team; The segment on Channel 5 was presented at the Board for District Posen 143 ½, as a result a number of youth want to sign up

· Today a Matteson Club will be interviewed by a reporter from the Chicago Tribune

· Next Friday baby chicks will be delivered to Extension for the incubation and embryology program

· We hope to get more children and adults

· #trueleaders, #thats4H are hashtags currently being used by 4-H

· Partnered with US Cellular – Educators would like to see Council members participate

It was requested by Reginald Summerrise that the Council get an email of upcoming 4-H activities. The Council is also requesting that the video presented by Leonard Parker be shared with everyone on the council.

County Director's Update

Fiscal Report

The following new monies have been brought into Extension this year:

· $15,000 grant from US Cellular

· $33,000 from Target

· $30,000 from Cook County Forest Preserve

· Cook County is getting huge support from Commissioner Steele. Steele led getting Extension an additional $30,000 increase along with Arnold Randall from the Cook County Forest Preserve.

· Extension has Trust funds (these funds have not been touched in the past 2 years, trying to spend)

· Extension has Reserves (2.7 million is being spent down)

· Gifts and Donations:

What are these funds used for? (Jones)

• These monies are used for 4-H; other times the person giving the donation write how they want the funds to be used. If not specified they, funds are used to fund programs

The budget was approved unanimously by the Council. Budget was approved

Other items:

· 9415 S. Western office does not have office phones expected to have phones operational by May 18th

· The north Extension office will be moved to a new location, moving out of the courthouses because they are not as accessible for the public.

· Leases for Greenwood, Matteson, and Westchester are good until 2019

· Vacancies for educators is on hold due to funding crisis. For 2017, Extension will maintain current staffing. There are currently three vacancies.

· The annual report is at the printer. Extension would like to do the printing in-kind instead of outsourcing.

Sylvia Jones asked if council members could call or pick up the annual reports from the Extension office. Director Buffett said that is possible and the reports will be mailed to Council members.

Reginald Summerrise requested that Bob Mead present a talk on a marketing plan for Cook County Extension. We can do a better job of marketing our programs.

The next meeting will be June 10, 2016. This date does not work for some on the council and a new date will be determined. A doodle will be sent for the following potential meeting days, July 1, 8th, or 29.

Moved and second to adjourn at 2:18 p.m.