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Extension Meetings

Cook County Extension Council Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2016

Friday November 11, 2016 • 1:00 PM

This meeting has passed.

University of Illinois Extension

Cook County Extension Council Meeting

Friday, November 11, 2016

8751 S. Greenwood, Suites 112-122


Attendees: Angelo Chavers, Barbara Clark, Thurman Foreman, Sylvia Jones, Sharon Lewis, Martha Madkins, Geri Redd

Staff: Willene Buffet, Dominique Harris, Leonard Parker, Aida Peralta, Ashley Phillips

Guests: Laura Morgan

Meeting called to order:

Meeting Called to Order by Martha Maddens 1:02pm

Welcome and introductions - Laura Morgan friend and neighbor of Sharon Lewis. Laura is a former Kennedy King College professor and administrator. She has developed a social emotional learning program and founded a grass roots program to be implemented in CPS. Dr. Durriyyah Bryant is an Extension staff and she is a social emotional program coordinator and works closely with schools. Dr. Buffet suggested meeting with Dr. Kemp.

Introduction of newly hired Dominque Harris, SNAP-Ed unit educator (first in Cook County).

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The Council reviewed the minutes and had the following corrections:

• Correction: remove Sylvia from nominating committee and list her as chair of membership and she will work with Bob.

• Sylvia asked if everyone turned in the surveys. No information or updates were available.

• Correction under action taken: A connection was also supposed to be made with Cook County Board President (Toni Preckwinkle) to report for this meeting.

• Need to fix names and titles (see old minutes)

• Sylvia also noted that we need to follow up on the Expansion and review meeting that was to be coordinated on 9/28.

Sylvia made a motion to accept the minutes with corrections. It was seconded by Angelo Chavers.

Old business:

Update: Sylvia made contact with Toni Preckwinkle's office and scheduled a meeting for 11/29/16 at 4:00pm.

New Business:

Review Program Development process and local needs assessments:

The Council has been asked to assist with the Review of the Program Development process and local needs assessments. Ashley Phillips, Community Health Educator, presented this information. Prevention education and program implementation in strategic planning process with Northwestern professors to create and align mission statement (see handout) this should help them to identify program planning for the next year. The Council has been asked to review the mission statement and provide feedback today or via the worksheet to Aida. The Community Health Team mission should align with the overarching mission. Need feedback by no later than 12/2. Email Ashley at

When reviewing the mission statement, we should consider the following:

Is it understandable?

Does it speak to the questions? (See handout)

Angelo suggested that they change the word "inspire".

Laura Morgan asked how it is assessed. She suggested that some sort of assessment strategy should be a part of the statement.

Sharon Lewis asked how does the mission impact me and or what is the end result? Suggested we add something more tangible. Might be short term or long-term goals "lives" or "lifestyles".

Ashley indicated that those types of questions are usually asked in program assessments.

Director Buffet will share the mission, vision and value statement for the University of Illinois. She indicated that all of the comments and questions are valuable to the health team and this will be shared with the team.

Open Meetings Act:

The council viewed a video on the Open Meetings Act.

We reviewed the provisions:

• meetings must be set at the beginning of the year

• agenda must be posted 48 hours in advance

• minutes must be available within 7 days of approval

• closed meetings may be held to cover litigation, employee issues, real estate purchase

• minutes of closed meetings must be made public when they no longer need to be confidential

• county cooperative extension law

• extension council and board are 2 distinct different things

• council and staff cooperate

• budget is developed by cooperation of unit leader and council

Director Buffet will try to make the video available for those that are not here.

Civil Rights review spring 2017:

Director Buffet has been given dates to select from for the Civil Rights Review. She will try to tie it in with the March meeting date (10th) and would like to have Council members present. If it does not work, she will suggest another date (would like 2-3 officer present).

Sylvia asked what the civil rights review is. Director Buffet explained that as extension employees, beginning with the Sept date 2015 through August 2016, in meetings with the public, we have to log the gender and ethnicity of every person we are in contact with, then aggregate, and turn in the data. A committee will review the files to see if we reached every population in the county, review efforts to reach protected classes and any public notification to grass roots organizations. Last year's report was provided (see handout).

Public Notification Plan:

Council members are asked to share ideas on how we can improve on making our programs fully engaged in neighborhoods and communities. We should examine our presence on social media and in local newspapers. How do we minimize the statement that "they have never heard of extension and its relation to our programs"?

Sharon Lewis referenced her work with the Bessemer Park Advisory Council

(BPAC). The BPAC has gone from having no footprint to a very large footprint. The advisory council created a logo established a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They also connected with other groups (liking/friending) and community partners by sharing information through their networks, grass roots marketing and promotion. They use fliers to advertise what they have to offer. They have only been in existence for 9 months and the key has been partnerships.

Martha questioned if there is a budget (web page management/maintenance). Are their privacy issues (social media)?

Director Buffet stated that every team has a Facebook page.

Sylvia suggested that we need to tap into low cost/no cost options such as local businesses, neighborhood papers, and aldermanic newsletters.

Sharon suggested that we create giveaways that can accompany program information (pins etc.). She suggested that we should be able to answer the questions: What do we want them to know? What are the benefits? , she also suggested that e
Extension should work on connecting Master gardeners to community gardens.

Martha suggested that we add the following to the agenda for the next meeting:

First steps and what do we need to do (Public notification plan implementation)

For public notification, we have to show that we have made a reasonable effort to reach protected classes in particular, and women and youth.

Sharon stated that the Park District has a large connection with seniors and youth and can help with connections for surveys etc...

Director Buffet stated that they are educators and not social service providers. Our role is to provide training for the volunteers to work directly with the public.

Sharon referenced a meeting with several school principals on developing programs that provide training to students and staff (matching a community partner that can develop/design a program that they can implement). They need to provide the staff to support and implement the program. No cost involved if it is done under the PAC - working in conjunction with community partners. This conversation is to be continued at next meeting.

Committees Appointed:

• Nominating Committee - not present

• Budget Committee - Annual review was conducted and approved shortly after the last meeting.

• Expansion and Review Committee - going to attempt to have a meeting Thursday December (8th) via Skype. They will submit a report in January.

• Program Committee - Director Buffet stated that Sharon's suggestions tie in with this committee. We should reopen discussions with the teams. Aida will send out a reminder of the programs that we chose to connect with. People that have not connected with a committee can join one.

Sylvia - Program and horticulture

Membership Committee - Sharon - Dr. Laura Morgan

Director Buffet informed Sylvia that we need an ACTIVE Board (per video). We need Preckwinkle to create a board with the following:

2 commissioners

2 council members

2 females

2 males

Program Updates:

Presented by Ashley Phillips. Please reference handout.

County Directors Update:

Per Director Buffett there was no financial update other than what was provided by Dr. Czapar and Harry Clore (finance). We are waiting on FY17 funding from the state.

The upcoming annual conference (handout) is next week. See page 3 of the handout.

The University of Illinois extension has set an historic appointment with it's first female dean of the college of ACEs and and the first African American chancellor.

A handout was provided with the overall organizational chart.

We received and reviewed a copy of the 2014-2015 Civil Rights Summary Report for Cook County.

Table C refers to the Council - Are we representative of the population of the county?

Table D refers to Master Gardener Volunteers and Master Naturalist Volunteers

Table E and F- refers to 4-H

Every unit must have a council and expansion and review to ensure there are youth programs (should have council members and non-4Hr's that are for the community that can speak to the issues concerning youth - very important).

Table G - refers specifically to the pub notification plan (see media outlet list)

There was a discussion on the term "Protected classes". There is a debate on how this is defined.

Sylvia questioned why certain outlets were included. Director Buffet responded that we look at involvement and circulation, and demographics are assessed. The council should help to identify notification points. It was noted that Citizens Newspaper is not on the list. Leonard said that we do use them but they may not be listed. They will be added. Sharon also mentioned the South Shore Current. It was noted that we also use them and they too should be added to the list. Marvin suggested that Greek Life should be added.

For the nest meeting we should improve or edit the list of protected classes.

Next Meeting: January 13, 2017

Adjournment: Acting Chair Martha Madkins entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:32. The motion was accepted and the meeting was adjourned.