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Extension Meetings

Cook County Executive Council and Advisory committee minutes

Friday July 25, 2008 • 11:30 AM

This meeting has passed.

University of Illinois Extension

Cook County Executive Council and Program Advisory Committee Joint Meeting

July 25, 2008—Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 11:40 am by Gwen Mastin, Cook County Executive Council President.

Budget Update:

Council and Advisory members were given a copy of an email (dated July 10, 2008) from Jeanne Harland, Legislative Chair, Extension Partners that provided a budget update for Illinois State Budget as related to funding County Board Match, 4-H Youth Development Educator and Cook County Initiative for FY09.

Revised Cook County Initiative Plan:

Willene Buffett, Cook County Director shared that Dr. Oliver is in the process of revising the Cook County Initiative (CCI) Plan. These revisions are based upon the efforts/progress over the past 2 years and the recent/current financial situation.

Willene mentioned that the plan was revised for FY 2008, and submitted to campus after review from the council chair.

In addition, Willene shared a letter from Dr. Oliver that highlighted the proposed changes for FY 2009. The revised plan calls for a reduction in Cook County districts from six to three and the elimination, addition and redistribution of some positions.

Members were also given a copy of the revised Cook County Organizational Chart, which takes into account the proposed revisions for the CCI plan.

Once the final plan is ready, it will be shared with the Council and Program Advisory members.

Membership Drive:

Gwen asked that each member invite another person to join the committee after recruitment guidelines have been established.

Recruitment should also be based upon current gaps in membership. Extension staff will identify gaps in membership in order to determine need to new members.

Groups that should be considered/invited to join include local business chambers, organizations that work with ethnic populations, Cook County Board, etc.

The following committee presented their report:

Membership Committee Report:

Presented by Collette Schrank, Chair on behalf of the Membership Committee (Lisa Messinger, Karen Sweatt, and Cheryl Walker)

Responsibility: Find ways to increase membership on the Cook County Executive and Program Advisory Committee

Who? Seek assistance, suggestions for networking or volunteers from:

-Mayors of local communities (civic)

-Presidents of Chambers of Commerce (business)

-Directors of Community Relations at community colleges (young adults)

-Principals and Presidents of local high school PTA organizations (teens, parents, and teachers)

-AARP (senior citizens)

-Pastors of area congregations (religious leaders)

How? Develop a "recruitment" letter:

-introducing the U of I Extension, its function and its commitment to serving the community and the under-resourced

-explaining how important it is for communities or groups of people to share the needs of the constituents with the Extension so we could try to meet those needs and better serve the community

-requesting an opportunity to make a follow-up presentation about U of I Extension and its services

-inviting the contact to attend an Extension meeting

What else needed? Additional input from the committee:

-define "target" group

-obtain demographic information

-compose letter

-prepare mailing

-prepare presentation

-what else?

Meeting Dates within Program Year

Discussion regarding the number of meeting dates for the Executive, Program Advisory combined groups and subcommittees within the program year.

It was determined that the Executive Council would meet four times each year and the Program Advisory Groups would meet twice each year. These will be separate meetings. The Executive Council meetings will be face-to-face meetings.

The combined Executive Council and Program Advisory Groups would also hold a joint meeting twice each year in March and November.

In total, the Executive Council Members would meet six times and the Program Advisory members would meet four times within the program year.

Subcommittees would meet as needed. These meetings/discussions can take place via teleconference or email.

Extension staff will find out if meeting could take place via video conference for both the Executive and Combined meetings.

Yvonne Brown and Rosalind Dale will contact Program Advisory members to determine the four meeting dates for the upcoming program year.

Next Meeting Dates:

Cook County Executive Council Meetings

  • August 8, 2008, 11:30am-2:30pm—

University of Illinois Extension, 1111 E. 87th Street, Suite 600

  • October 10, 2008, 11:30am-2:30pm—

University of Illinois Extension, 1111 E. 87th Street, Suite 600

Executive Council and Program Advisory Committee Joint Meetings

  • November 14, 2008, 11:30am-2:30pm—

University of Illinois Extension, 1111 E. 87th Street, Suite 600

The meeting on July 25, 2008 was officially adjourned at 1:14pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Rosalind Dale, Acting Secretary